$2 billion global brand increased channel sales from $50 million to $150 million with Mindflash

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Dyson sought out an innovative approach to scaling and improving product and brand training for its large reseller partner network.

Mindflash was selected to solve the company’s multi-million-dollar reseller training challenge. Dyson’s Mindflash-hosted training program has been recognized as a critical driver in the company’s top-line and bottom-line growth.

Dyson U.S. Increased sales in core partner stores from $50 million to $150 million.

ldquo With Mindflash, we can show everyone how to do something the Dyson way, and then make sure that everyone is equipped to do it. rdquo

Jesse Hartigan
U.S. National Training Manager


Frustrated with a vacuum cleaner that lost its suction, James Dyson founded Dyson from a coach house in the southwest of England. Some 5,127 prototypes later, he perfected the technology behind the world’s first vacuum that didn’t lose suction. This internationally recognized innovator has grown to $2 billion global enterprise, holds over 3,500 patents for 500 inventions, and sells Dyson technology in more than 60 countries. Dyson landed in the U.S. in 2002, and hasn’t looked back. From their U.S. headquarters in Chicago’s River North, Dyson determines how to communicate and spread their technology across the U.S.

In 2013, Dyson had several divisions of their business that required more sophisticated training. The company had thousands of people to train across the country demoing their vacuums in retail locations. One of the third-parties that Dyson worked with had a demo workforce with a $2 million sales goal … that they weren’t hitting. They had to educate thousands of resellers each year in the company’s advanced technology, and keep them up-to-date on new product releases.

This was multi-million-dollar challenge. How could the company track and manage the quality of the third-party company’s messaging and demo process?


Dyson implemented Mindflash and found it to be a highly-effective, multi-faceted solution to their business issues. They utilized Mindflash’s course completion and quiz score information from their third-party resellers to determine that the money was best spent on internal initiatives. They added online training initiatives for resellers, and a mobile training component for brand awareness.

Today, Dyson has built out a comprehensive, blended training program that includes online training, live training for new product launches and brand-evangelism training. Mindflash is recognized as a critical driving factor in the continued growth of the company, and has helped their bottom line significantly.

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Ascena builds fast, effective vendor training for a global supply chain with Mindflash

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This leading national specialty retailer needed a fast, effective way to bring vendors up to speed worldwide.

Mindflash was the answer and has quickly become Ascena’s learning management solution for product development, order management, logistics and invoicing training for 120 vendors around the globe.

More than 400 users throughout the global supply chain have taken Mindflash training.

ldquo We had to train vendors all over the globe. We needed a solution that was straightforward, user friendly, and easy to support and deploy, with no additional maintenance by our overseas support teams required. rdquo

Melissa Carrelli
Senior Manager of Operational Transformation
Ascena Retail Group


Ascena Retail Group is a leading national specialty retailer offering apparel, shoes, and accessories for women under the Ann Taylor, LOFT, Lou & Grey, Lane Bryant, maurices, dressbarn and Catherines brands, and for tween girls under the Justice brand. The company operates e-commerce websites and approximately 4,900 stores throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Korea, Ascena Global Sourcing manages more than 120 vendors operating factories in China, Korea, Guatemala, Viet Nam and Bangladesh. For sourcing and logistics, the company relies on Bamboo Rose, an online platform that connects retailers and suppliers throughout the product lifecycle, including design, development and delivery. Bamboo Rose enables vendors to collaborate with Ascena brands on everything from product development and order management to logistics and invoicing.

When Ascena Retail expanded the use of Bamboo Rose from two to five of its brands, the company needed a fast, effective way to bring vendors up to speed worldwide. Mindflash was the answer.


Senior Manager of Operational Transformation Melissa Carrelli contracts with an e-learning vendor to create courses on topics such as order management and logistics then loads the courses into Mindflash for review by the Ascena Global Sourcing teams. Mindflash serves as the collaborative platform among multiple parties for finalizing course content. Once that’s done, invitations are sent to vendors via Mindflash.

Today Mindflash is the vendor learning management solution for the Justice, maurices, Catherine, dressbarn and Lane Bryant brands. More than 400 users have taken courses on topics including product design and development, order management, logistics and invoicing.

“We are seeing the benefits of online learning in a smooth flow of business up and down our supply chain,” says Carrelli. “Transactions are flowing, and our vendors are happy with the results.”

Carrelli credits the Mindflash Customer Success team with helping make the program successful. “Mindflash jumped in to keep everything on course,” she says. “I was very happy with the response time and support.”

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Bristlecone Holdings conducts retailer training anywhere, anytime with Mindflash.

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Bristlecone Holdings needed to train thousands of retailers on their automotive software solutions, serving tens of thousands of customers, faster and with better comprehension.

Mindflash delivers six courses that their automotive product and service retailers can take anytime, day or night.

Mindflash quickly became the system of record for one Bristlecone brand and is now rolling out to support the other five.

ldquo Our retailers love it. They can do Mindflash online training anywhere, anytime, so it doesn’t interfere with their day-to-day business. rdquo

Kristin Stith
VP of Customer Acquisition and Experience
Bristlecone Holdings


Bristlecone Holdings is a high-growth network of consumer and business-to-business finance platforms and technologies that is disrupting the US lending industry. Bristlecone provides a consumer finance technology platform for retailers through five different brands addressing five target markets: pets, bridal, furniture, hearing aids, and auto products and repair. The company offers financing of up to $5,000 through its cloud-based application available to consumers via laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as kiosks at select retailers.

With 3,000 participating retailers serving more than 55,000 customers, training retailers on how to get customers up on the platform was a huge challenge for a small but fast-growing company like Bristlecone. The retailer onboarding process was initially poor, and as a result customers did not receive a clear understanding of how the financing services worked. One problem was that retailers were unavailable for training sessions during business hours.

Retailer training was needed, and the company contemplated adding headcount for a dedicated trainer. At the same time VP of Marketing Kristin Stith’s role was expanded to VP of Customer Acquisition and Experience.


Initially Stith knew nothing about learning management solutions, but she learned fast. Her main concern was the ability to easily create and administer online training without help from her CTO. When she discovered Mindflash, she knew she had found the answer.

“Videos and PowerPoints are super easy to upload into Mindflash. Anyone can do it,” says Stith. “And editing in Mindflash is a snap. We make changes all the time. I love how I can drag and drop phases within a course or drop quizzes in at any point in the course.”

Initially, Mindflash was rolled out to automotive product and service retailers under the OneRoad Lending brand. Stith created a series of six courses and trained a team of three sales reps to administer the online training. New automotive retailers are now required to complete Mindflash training before they start doing business through OneRoad Lending.

Consumer finance is a highly regulated industry, and compliance is a top priority. Mindflash provides a paper trail on all courses and trainees, so Bristlecone is always prepared to demonstrate compliance. “Our Chief Legal Officer loves Mindflash!” says Stith. “For compliance it’s a dream come true.”

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Fortune 500 Retailer Certifies Massive Vendor Network in Six Weeks with Mindflash

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One of the world’s largest specialty retailers needed to educate a large global network of suppliers on its new vendor management software.

The Mindflash platform and API were used to host and assign courses to trainees through a seamless integration with the company’s internal product catalog and vendor portal.

The new vendor management software training was competed within six weeks, including 12,000 trainees at 3,000 vendors with 31,000 certified course completions.

ldquo We love the Mindflash certification programs we are running right now and are planning to utilize it for more vendor and user training. rdquo

Senior Enterprise Data Manager
Fortune 500 Retailer


One of the world’s largest specialty retailers, with more than 2,000 superstores throughout North America, was on the verge of a major transition. The company was about to roll out new vendor management software to its global network of suppliers.

The new system would power SKU listings for everything from store sales to its online presence. It would provide custom spreadsheets of more than 60 columns for each SKU, with cells for detailed information including price, color, size, weight, web descriptions, long-form descriptions, shipping options, and much, much more.

The challenge? Educate more than 12,000 trainees at more than 3,000 vendors on how to use the new software. The training was not optional. It was essential to the continued successful operations of the nearly $90 billion company. And the deadline was fast approaching.


The company’s IT Department, which was responsible for the vendor management software rollout, also took charge of the Mindflash training. Course creation included screenshots, Powerpoint slides and videos. The Mindflash API was used to assign courses to trainees through integration with the company’s internal product catalog and vendor portal.

Trainees were able to take the Mindflash training anywhere, anytime, on any device. Using Mindflash, this Fortune 500 retailer provided a seamless, consistent user experience across multiple organizations, platforms and devices, with minimal IT support. The solution also enabled the company to easily track and assess trainee progress in real time to ensure effective learning and demonstrate compliance with corporate policies.

Certification training on Mindflash was required for all vendors before they could use the new system. The training was completed within six weeks and included 31,000 certified course completions.

Now that the company’s entire supplier network is up and running on the new vendor management software, Mindflash continues to play a critical role in onboarding new vendors on an ongoing basis.

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