CCCIS increases speed-to-competency among insurance carriers via targeted, online product training

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CCCIS needed a scalable, multi-purpose training solution for several aspects of their fast-growing business.

After a lengthy evaluation process, CCCIS selected Mindflash because of its simple-but-powerful design and its ability to scale with minimal IT resources required.

  • CCCIS manages and tracks 700 courses seamlessly using Mindflash.
  • CCCIS trainees have increased their speed to competency with targeted product training.
  • 40,000 course completions since launch.
ldquo The primary differentiator with Mindflash was the ease with which our content creators, instructional designers, SME’s, and technical writers could access the system and quickly push all of their content live. rdquo

Dannette Ford
Director of Learning Services
CCC Information Services


CCCIS is the nation’s leading provider of advanced software, workflow tools and enabling technologies to property/casualty insurance carriers and automotive collision repairers. The company is recognized as an innovative leader in the insurance telematics space, applying the power of telematics to the entire insurance process from initial marketing to policy underwriting and claims. Its client base includes more than 350 insurance companies. CCCIS also delivers the most comprehensive, best-in-class industry insights by leveraging data captured from the millions of transactions processed through its network, as well as the forward-looking, trusted advisory services delivered by its people.

However, the company’s Learning Services Director Dannette Ford identified one area for improvement. “Online training at CCCIS was harder than it needed to be,” she says. Learning Services Design Managers could put content into their intranet and get a few reports with engagement data, but the training process was completely manual and resource-intensive.


CCCIS needed a scalable, multi-purpose solution for several aspects of their business. They wanted something simpler, cloud-based and fast to implement, something that wouldn’t require much if any IT involvement and support. After a lengthy evaluation process, the choices were narrowed down to three candidates. CCCIS selected Mindflash because of its simple-but-powerful design for creating and distributing content with little or no IT impact. Mindflash could also be easily scaled for CCCIS’s future needs, including creating content for customers.

“The primary differentiator with Mindflash was the ease with which our content creators, instructional designers, SME’s, and technical writers could access the system and quickly push all of their content live,” says Ford.

CCCIS is constantly building and innovating new software products for insurance carriers. To meet that need, they began using Mindflash to launch and grow product certification programs. CCCIS heavily leverages Mindflash’s innovative assessment and tracking features to manage their certification programs.

“CCCIS is now uniquely positioned to deliver on-demand learning to key stakeholders. We’ve partnered with Mindflash to build a truly dynamic learning experience that can easily scale to support our continued growth,” says Ford.

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Bristlecone Holdings conducts retailer training anywhere, anytime with Mindflash.

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Bristlecone Holdings needed to train thousands of retailers on their automotive software solutions, serving tens of thousands of customers, faster and with better comprehension.

Mindflash delivers six courses that their automotive product and service retailers can take anytime, day or night.

Mindflash quickly became the system of record for one Bristlecone brand and is now rolling out to support the other five.

ldquo Our retailers love it. They can do Mindflash online training anywhere, anytime, so it doesn’t interfere with their day-to-day business. rdquo

Kristin Stith
VP of Customer Acquisition and Experience
Bristlecone Holdings


Bristlecone Holdings is a high-growth network of consumer and business-to-business finance platforms and technologies that is disrupting the US lending industry. Bristlecone provides a consumer finance technology platform for retailers through five different brands addressing five target markets: pets, bridal, furniture, hearing aids, and auto products and repair. The company offers financing of up to $5,000 through its cloud-based application available to consumers via laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as kiosks at select retailers.

With 3,000 participating retailers serving more than 55,000 customers, training retailers on how to get customers up on the platform was a huge challenge for a small but fast-growing company like Bristlecone. The retailer onboarding process was initially poor, and as a result customers did not receive a clear understanding of how the financing services worked. One problem was that retailers were unavailable for training sessions during business hours.

Retailer training was needed, and the company contemplated adding headcount for a dedicated trainer. At the same time VP of Marketing Kristin Stith’s role was expanded to VP of Customer Acquisition and Experience.


Initially Stith knew nothing about learning management solutions, but she learned fast. Her main concern was the ability to easily create and administer online training without help from her CTO. When she discovered Mindflash, she knew she had found the answer.

“Videos and PowerPoints are super easy to upload into Mindflash. Anyone can do it,” says Stith. “And editing in Mindflash is a snap. We make changes all the time. I love how I can drag and drop phases within a course or drop quizzes in at any point in the course.”

Initially, Mindflash was rolled out to automotive product and service retailers under the OneRoad Lending brand. Stith created a series of six courses and trained a team of three sales reps to administer the online training. New automotive retailers are now required to complete Mindflash training before they start doing business through OneRoad Lending.

Consumer finance is a highly regulated industry, and compliance is a top priority. Mindflash provides a paper trail on all courses and trainees, so Bristlecone is always prepared to demonstrate compliance. “Our Chief Legal Officer loves Mindflash!” says Stith. “For compliance it’s a dream come true.”

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