Mindflash Helps 76ers ramp-up record ticket sales


The recruitment of a new sales team meant the Philadelphia 76ers had to rapidly train its sales staff within a short timeframe before the start of the 2017-18 season. They also needed a way to effectively measure results.

The 76ers became the first NBA team to implement an on-demand training platform, choosing Mindflash to quickly deliver sales training and measure competence.

In just 8 weeks, the Philadelphia 76ers implemented Mindflash, created content, and trained its sales team on key sales processes & systems in time to deliver record ticket sales

ldquo Because we had Mindflash in place, the sales team was ready to execute when it was time. We’ll be able to do so much more with Mindflash in the future. rdquo

Braden Moore
Director, Analytics
Philadelphia 76ers


Founded in 1946, the Philadelphia 76ers is one of the oldest franchises in the NBA and a member of the league’s Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. The Philadelphia 76ers also have one of the largest sales teams in professional sports.

A metrics-driven organization, the Philadelphia 76ers set forth a new initiative around sales development. Significant investments were made in the areas of sales technology, sales training and sales team recruitment. Sales leaders had only two months to train, onboard, and get the sales reps selling before the NBA Draft — the start of their peak selling season. In order for this initiative to be successful, the sales team needed to understand sales processes and systems, and then actually use them. Given the large size of the sales team and the data-driven nature of the franchise, 76ers business leaders needed to easily report training progress and measure performance relative to the training.


With this daunting task, the 76ers turned to Mindflash to meet their training objectives. The training team knew the content and the best way to bring the information to their team, they needed to quickly load and deploy the training program. Since Mindflash was easy to use, the training team didn’t waste time trying to learn how to get training content loaded. They repurposed content from their in-classroom training and created new training content in the file formats that worked best for them. Once content was ready, they were able to rapidly deploy web-based courses on how to build a campaign, sales processes, and CRM management. They added different quiz types and utilized dashboard reports to present training metrics to senior management. Salesforce.com usage reports were also used to measure user adoption.

The sales team was properly onboarded and demonstrated proficient knowledge of sales systems and processes in time for the start of their sales season. The training team is preparing to launch additional training modules on product and franchise knowledge. They also have plans to roll out Mindflash to other teams within the organization.


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    Reduced ramp time for the largest sales team in the NBA

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    Franchise-record sales of 14,000 season tickets sold for a single season

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    Increased CRM User Adoption

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    Improved engagement from sales team and sales leaders

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