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Saves $200,000 in a year using Mindflash

Posted by admin on Jul 19, 2017 5:46:34 AM


Leading international fitness equipment manufacturer identifies need for online training program to educate contracted sales reps and others across Asia, Europe, South America and North America.

Johnson Health Tech choses Mindflash for its ease-of-use, ability to utilize existing materials and anytime, anywhere mobile delivery in multiple languages.

Hundreds of courses delivered in five languages for 6,000 trainees, who have completed over 30,000 courses since launch.

ldquo With sales reps in 18 countries speaking five languages, getting everyone up to speed was virtually impossible. Mindflash makes it incredibly easy to train online, and has saved us over $200,000 this year alone. rdquo

Jocelyn Vande Velde
Director of Education & Sales Training
Johnson Health Tech


Johnson Health Tech is a $17 billion Taiwan-based manufacturer of commercial and residential fitness equipment. The company sells its market-leading product line through a number of contracted sales representatives for seven brands, including Horizon, Matrix and Vision, in more than 18 countries.

Johnson used to conduct 100% of its training in-person, but lacked a centralized director of training to manage the company’s needs. Without company-wide oversight on training, content and effectiveness were highly varied from country to country, and trainees received a different standard of training in each office. Beyond problems of inconsistency, this system also resulted in duplicated efforts throughout offices, wasted time and unnecessarily high training costs.

Realizing the lack of consistency across the company and the need for a revamped training program, Johnson hired a Director of Education and Sales Training, Jocelyn Vande Velde. Vande Velde determined that online training would be a more efficient solution for the company’s specific needs, and finding the right technology to create, deliver and track that training became her top priority. She was looking for rapid course development tools that could easily be translated, to support her international team and meet their need for fast course deployment. She spent a considerable amount of time searching for an online training solution to train contracted sales reps and others across Asia, Europe, South America and North America.


Johnson Health Tech chose Mindflash for five main reasons:

  • Ease-of-use. No IT, training or set-up required.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Ability to utilize existing materials (PowerPoint, Word, Video or PDF).
  • Option for trainees to take training courses anytime, anywhere.
  • Saves significant trainer time by automatically handling time-consuming tasks including: sending emails, tracking trainees’ progress, and producing reports that can be viewed online and emailed to colleagues.
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Bluebeam's online reseller training spurs 2X to 4X increase in software sales with Mindflash

Posted by admin on Jul 19, 2017 5:24:52 AM


To save time and money on channel partner training, this collaboration software provider for the architecture, engineering and construction industries sought a compelling online learning solution.

The company now delivers three-tiered video training accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device with fun incentives to help drive participation.

Mindflash helped Bluebeam Software train more than 4,000 resellers and distributors, drive sales growth 400 percent and realize cost savings on course creation, deployment and tracking.

ldquo Mindflash has been a phenomenal tool to get our resellers excited to learn about our product. The interface is very easy to use and it’s getting better all the time. rdquo

Aaron Courdy
Channel Manager
Bluebeam Software, Inc.


Market leader Bluebeam Software develops and sells software for PDF creation, editing and collaboration with significant market share in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. The Pasadena, California-based company sells its products directly and also through resellers and distributors.

Realizing that the best way to sell a product is to show it, Bluebeam has long invested in in-person product training for its national reseller network. But as the company grew rapidly, live training and hour-long webinars became harder to schedule. Their salespeople often couldn’t find time to travel, and even getting their attention and attendance for an hour-long call was difficult. To bring urgently needed flexibility to its existing training program, the company deployed Mindflash.


“Our goal was to get the resellers excited to go through the training,” says Aaron Courdy, Channel Manager, Bluebeam Software, Inc. With this goal in mind, the company designed its new online learning program around video and segmented the content across three levels of expertise. Tier 1 training is an overview of everything resellers need to know to sell the product. Tier 2 provides in-depth training on how to use the software, while Tier 3 describes use cases for distinct vertical markets.

As an incentive, Bluebeam awards gift cards, electronics and other prizes to resellers for completing various phases of the curriculum, a strategy that worked well to get the new training program off the ground. Trainees can take Mindflash training anywhere, anytime, on any device. According to Courdy, “People say, ‘I can do this on my own schedule and get a gift card afterward? That works for me.’”

Bluebeam still offers live classroom training and webinars, since the personal touch is critical for building relationships with its partners. Yet, by adding Mindflash to their training mix Bluebeam can train more people faster … and save countless staff hours previously spent scheduling meetings and tracking completions. Mindflash-hosted courses are available on demand, and Mindflash automatically sends and tracks invites, individual progress and individual completions.

“Mindflash has been a phenomenal tool to get our resellers excited to learn about our product,” says Courdy. “The interface is very easy to use and it’s getting better all the time.”

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Bristlecone Holdings conducts retailer training anywhere, anytime with Mindflash.

Posted by admin on Jul 19, 2017 5:13:25 AM


Bristlecone Holdings needed to train thousands of retailers on their automotive software solutions, serving tens of thousands of customers, faster and with better comprehension.

Mindflash delivers six courses that their automotive product and service retailers can take anytime, day or night.

Mindflash quickly became the system of record for one Bristlecone brand and is now rolling out to support the other five.

ldquo Our retailers love it. They can do Mindflash online training anywhere, anytime, so it doesn’t interfere with their day-to-day business. rdquo

Kristin Stith
VP of Customer Acquisition and Experience
Bristlecone Holdings


Bristlecone Holdings is a high-growth network of consumer and business-to-business finance platforms and technologies that is disrupting the US lending industry. Bristlecone provides a consumer finance technology platform for retailers through five different brands addressing five target markets: pets, bridal, furniture, hearing aids, and auto products and repair. The company offers financing of up to $5,000 through its cloud-based application available to consumers via laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as kiosks at select retailers.

With 3,000 participating retailers serving more than 55,000 customers, training retailers on how to get customers up on the platform was a huge challenge for a small but fast-growing company like Bristlecone. The retailer onboarding process was initially poor, and as a result customers did not receive a clear understanding of how the financing services worked. One problem was that retailers were unavailable for training sessions during business hours.

Retailer training was needed, and the company contemplated adding headcount for a dedicated trainer. At the same time VP of Marketing Kristin Stith’s role was expanded to VP of Customer Acquisition and Experience.


Initially Stith knew nothing about learning management solutions, but she learned fast. Her main concern was the ability to easily create and administer online training without help from her CTO. When she discovered Mindflash, she knew she had found the answer.

“Videos and PowerPoints are super easy to upload into Mindflash. Anyone can do it,” says Stith. “And editing in Mindflash is a snap. We make changes all the time. I love how I can drag and drop phases within a course or drop quizzes in at any point in the course.”

Initially, Mindflash was rolled out to automotive product and service retailers under the OneRoad Lending brand. Stith created a series of six courses and trained a team of three sales reps to administer the online training. New automotive retailers are now required to complete Mindflash training before they start doing business through OneRoad Lending.

Consumer finance is a highly regulated industry, and compliance is a top priority. Mindflash provides a paper trail on all courses and trainees, so Bristlecone is always prepared to demonstrate compliance. “Our Chief Legal Officer loves Mindflash!” says Stith. “For compliance it’s a dream come true.”

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Fortune 500 Retailer Certifies Massive Vendor Network in Six Weeks with Mindflash

Posted by admin on Jul 18, 2017 6:46:19 AM


One of the world’s largest specialty retailers needed to educate a large global network of suppliers on its new vendor management software.

The Mindflash platform and API were used to host and assign courses to trainees through a seamless integration with the company’s internal product catalog and vendor portal.

The new vendor management software training was competed within six weeks, including 12,000 trainees at 3,000 vendors with 31,000 certified course completions.

ldquo We love the Mindflash certification programs we are running right now and are planning to utilize it for more vendor and user training. rdquo

Senior Enterprise Data Manager
Fortune 500 Retailer


One of the world’s largest specialty retailers, with more than 2,000 superstores throughout North America, was on the verge of a major transition. The company was about to roll out new vendor management software to its global network of suppliers.

The new system would power SKU listings for everything from store sales to its online presence. It would provide custom spreadsheets of more than 60 columns for each SKU, with cells for detailed information including price, color, size, weight, web descriptions, long-form descriptions, shipping options, and much, much more.

The challenge? Educate more than 12,000 trainees at more than 3,000 vendors on how to use the new software. The training was not optional. It was essential to the continued successful operations of the nearly $90 billion company. And the deadline was fast approaching.


The company’s IT Department, which was responsible for the vendor management software rollout, also took charge of the Mindflash training. Course creation included screenshots, Powerpoint slides and videos. The Mindflash API was used to assign courses to trainees through integration with the company’s internal product catalog and vendor portal.

Trainees were able to take the Mindflash training anywhere, anytime, on any device. Using Mindflash, this Fortune 500 retailer provided a seamless, consistent user experience across multiple organizations, platforms and devices, with minimal IT support. The solution also enabled the company to easily track and assess trainee progress in real time to ensure effective learning and demonstrate compliance with corporate policies.

Certification training on Mindflash was required for all vendors before they could use the new system. The training was completed within six weeks and included 31,000 certified course completions.

Now that the company’s entire supplier network is up and running on the new vendor management software, Mindflash continues to play a critical role in onboarding new vendors on an ongoing basis.

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