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Unilever Food Solutions keeps widely distributed sales team in the know with Mindflash

CCCIS increases speed-to-competency among insurance carriers via targeted, online product training

Yammer rapidly onboards customers and manages large scale product training around the world with Mindflash

Capital Women’s Care streamlined training for hundreds of healthcare providers with Mindflash on mobile.

TruAssets scaled training for contract inspectors with Mindflash enterprise integrations

Burlington Fire Department attains 100% training compliance with Mindflash

MacPack reduced training costs by 50% and managed safety compliance with Mindflash

AIMS 360 successfully onboards customers on their software solutions with Mindflash

Big Ass Fans took product training to new heights with Mindflash

One Child Matters creates visual content to train international teams in multiple languages with Mindflash

GoEngineer empowers their sales and support teams with Mindflash

L.A. Food Bank helps volunteer teams work safely with Mindflash

Fortune 200 Manufacturer builds effective contractor training for a safe work environment

Harmony Home Health streamlined compliance reporting & increased training completions for 400+ health professionals

Ascena builds fast, effective vendor training for a global supply chain with Mindflash

Johnson Health saves $200,000 in a year using Mindflash

Bluebeam's online reseller training spurs 2X to 4X increase in software sales with Mindflash

Bristlecone Holdings conducts retailer training anywhere, anytime with Mindflash.

Fortune 500 Retailer Certifies Massive Vendor Network in Six Weeks with Mindflash

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