7 Million Training Courses Delivered from Mindflash

Silicon Valley learning management system, Mindflash (www.mindflash.com),is hitting significant business milestones – on account of growing demand from unicorns to large enterprises to help train their employees, customers and partners in a scalable, effective and measurable way. Today, Mindflash works with companies from Fortune 100s to non-profits -- including the likes of Apple, Hilton, Intuit and Uber -- to deliver training courses across 177countries.

As a result, the company experienced 100% year-over-year growth in training courses delivered via its platform heading into 2016. Additional momentum includes:

  • 7million courses delivered in 5 years across 177 countries
  • 10% of the Fortune 50 rely on Mindflash for training today
  • Mindflash has introduced a new user interface that provides improved functionality for large scale enterprise training deployments via partner Okta
  • Robust integration with Salesforce and continues to enhance its API
  • New key customers signed including Uber, DoorDash, General Mills, DuPont, Roche, Dermalogica, Fujitsu, Vail Ski Resorts
  • Uber has over 100,000 trainees using Mindflash courses and drivers alone take over30,000 courses per week
  • CCC Information Services offers over 500 active Mindflash courses
  • Seasoned SaaS executive Jean Tali -- formerly with Marketo – now leading Mindflash’s sales organization.

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