#TrainChat Wrapup: How Training Can Restore Credibility

#TrainChat Wrapup: How Training Can Restore CredibilityOur own Bill Cushard hosted another lively Twitter chat on how organizations can use learning and training to restore trust and credibility -- a followup conversation from his latest post, "How Can the Mortgage Industry Regain Credibility? For Starters, a Rethink of Training and Learning." Here's a quick recap if you missed it. Join us this this week for the next #TrainChat, Friday at 10 a.m. PST.

@Mindflash: OK, lets get things started. @billcush: Tell us how you think training can help improve companies' credibility.

@LnDDave: I think you need to first define credibility; is it internal or external? Different solutions for each.

@billcush: Let's talk about external. A company losing credibility with customers for example … could be bad service/practices.

@tomspiglanin: Imagine a workforce that doesn't learn as it matures; training only empowers the workforce if it takes the learner's perspective.

@billcush: A workforce that doesn't learn keeps doing things the same old ways, and does not survive long.

@EHommeland: Effective training increases credibility by ensuring everyone is communicating the same message to customers.

* * *

@Mindflash: Does training only have an internal benefit to employees, or can it improve a company's overall image?

@billcush: So if it's all about people, training can certainly influence how people apply what the org considers "the right way to work."

@EHommeland: Absolutely improve!! Customers have more confidence in the company if everyone they interface with says the same thing.

@billcush: Bingo!

@billcush: Think about what happened in the mortgage biz … loans made outside of guidelines that were trained.

@TriciaRansom: I think that any benefits to employees will improve their overall image. Benefitted employees = happy employees = happy customers.

@tomspiglanin: Different organizations have different internal and customer interfaces; regardless, a workforce w/o agility = doomed.

@JD_Dillon: The strength of an org's learning culture/performance support can increase public prestige both informally and informally. … As a customer/client, I like to see an org's dedication to developing its people.

* * *

@Mindflash: How do you overcome the challenge of getting employees to embrace a radical change in thinking?

‏@billcush: Great quote from Churchill on this. Simple, overwhelming, powerful reinforcement: http://ow.ly/9Z2El

@billcush: I think that is the point, spot on. Support we must.

@LnDDave: I don't think it's just about saying 'No'; I think it's also about better ways to say 'Yes' that aren't always training.

@tomspiglanin: I think @LnDDave has it right — it's about culture. Radical change in thinking means radical culture shift is required.

@reubentozman: Employees will embrace radical change if they see a direct positive impact on them. Be transparent and you will earn respect.

@dawnjmahoney: Clear messaging & expectations/Demonstrate it/Be authentic/WIIFM discussions.

@JD_Dillon: Be transparent. Get employees in early and give them ownership. Shift accountability towards the frontline.

* * *

@Mindflash:  Final thoughts?

‏@billcush: Training teams just need to lead ... step up and say, "We are going to reinforce great behavior in all of the learning we do."

@TriciaRansom: Involve the ENTIRE organization in training/learning initiatives. Have everyone learn & reinforce themselves from top to mid to bottom.

@billcush: Great chat all. Establish, reinforce, restore credibility is one of our jobs.

Bill Cushard, Director of Training and Development at Allonhill, is a learning leader with more than 12 years of experience in training and performance improvement at companies such as E*TRADE Financial, Accenture, and Time Warner Cable.


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