Top Five Tips for On-Boarding New Employees

School's out for the summer, and that means eager college interns are flooding into the slowly-but-slowly-maybe-rebounding job market.

And that means a lot of companies have a lot of training to get through, quickly. When you've only got a worker for two months, you can't waste two weeks getting them up to speed. So with that in mind, we give you five links to smart advice about the best ways to bring new hires into the fold as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

Four Ways to Rethink Employee On-Boarding

Organizational "socialization" is an important factor in welcoming newcomers. Making friendships, having clarity about their role, and having a working relationship with the boss all add to that. Remember: "Most employees leave supervisors, not companies."

Why 'Gamify'-ing Employee On-Boarding Makes Tons of Sense

According to Aberdeen, 86 percent of employees makes a decision about staying with a company or leaving within the first six months of employment. So if you want to retain workers, it's important to make their entry period as good as possible. Introducing some elements of fun — games, competition, prizes — can liven up what's otherwise a rote and dull process, and maybe win you some loyalty right off the bat.

No Two Sales Reps Are the Same — Their On-Boarding Programs Shouldn't Be, Either

New hires all have certain strengths and certain weaknesses. On-boarding programs can help flesh that out, so you can work on improving the hire's weakest areas. But remember, a good hire starts well before the on-boarding — proper background checks, references, etc., go a long way to making sure you're getting the right man or woman for the job.

Infographic: On-Boarding for Dummies: How to Successfully Bring New Employees On Board

For the more visual learners out there, check out this infographic on easy tips for on-boarding new employees.

Employee Orientation Vs. On-Boarding: How to Capitalize on the Difference

On-boarding isn't just the process of filling out tax forms and benefit plan applications. In fact, does all that paperwork really have to come right away? Let your new hires settle in before you bombard them with paperwork that won't matter for months, anyway.

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