Top 25 LMS Rankings on GetApp: Where does Mindflash Rank?

Each quarter, GetApp – a tool designed to aid professionals in finding and choosing the most suitable business apps for their needs – release a ranking of the top 25 Learning Management System (LMS) apps based in the cloud.

Amongst many other well established brands in the market, we’re delighted to announce that Mindflash wheeled in at a respectable 13th!

Top Learning Management System (LMS) Software 2015 | GetRank

What do the rankings mean?

The rankings are a useful indication of what each of the top learning management systems on the market are best suited to, which is helpful for professionals assessing their options when selecting the most appropriate LMS for their organization.

The LMS rankings are just one of many rankings provided by GetApp – the company have generously created such rankings for each of their numerous categories of apps that they list on their website.


How does it work?

Each LMS is scored from 0-20 on five different factors:

  • User reviews
  • Integrations
  • Mobile apps
  • Media presence
  • Security

These scores are then tallied into an overall score, which are in turn used to determine the rankings.

As you can see from the graphic above, GetApp report our LMS to excel in the areas of user reviews and mobile apps – a testament to our continuous work on providing a system that is:

  • Highly intuitive for users in a wide range of distinct industries
  • Regularly updated to maintain compatibility and integration with a large variety of popular mobile applications that are important to our users

What we can do better

Whilst there’s still progress for us to make, we’re pleased that our ongoing efforts to provide a better service to our customers is being recognized externally.

But what can we do better? How we can service your organization’s needs?

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved with our current LMS features and capabilities, but we’ll always strive to go further; what would you like to see? How we can help you?

Get in touch with us to have a conversation about how our LMS can work for you.

Author bio: Jordan Bradley works for High Speed Training (HST), a fully accredited specialist eLearning course provider based in the UK. He enjoys his responsibility of managing HST’s Hub – a blog which posts weekly insightful articles on a range of topics related to their array of online courses. Jordan spends the rest of his time running around the countryside, travelling on weekends to visit friends he wished lived closer, and fighting hard in the battle against laziness, amongst other things.

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