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Three Reasons Training Is Now a Profit Driver

The word on the street is that we're in a skills shortage. Companies’ bottom lines are negatively impacted by employees who don’t have the increasingly complex skills needed to consistently perform their work and positively influence customer loyalty. It's not a supply problem, people say, it's a skills problem.

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Save Training for Employees Who Truly Need It

Too often, organizations settle for one-size-fits-all training. They simply don't have the time or money to create unique, customized programs for each learner. But the consequence is that they always seem to have a few people in each training session who really don't need to be there.

For instance, if, during your

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How a One-Person Training Department Can Still Achieve Big Results

I've worked as a training director in two companies. In my previous role, I managed a group of 13 trainers and instructional designers. But in my current role, I am what many would call a "department of one".

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How Training Can Get Employees Out of a Performance Rut

Even great employees can get into a performance rut, where the monotony of doing the same thing day in and day out can turn into a sort of mindlessness. Nobody intends to get in a rut, but few people actively seek out the changes that can help them pull out of one. That’s where managers can to step in and give a change-averse employee a kick-start.

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How Can the Mortgage Industry Regain Credibility? For Starters, a Rethink of Training and Learning

While the economy and the stock markets have crawled back to life, the sectors that drove the economy into the worst recession in decades --  mortgage and banking -- are still grappling with a tough issue in the aftermath: How to restore the public credibility and trust that the revelations of financial crisis utterly destroyed.

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Recap of our Twitter Chat with David Kelly: Why People #HateTraining

On Wednesday The Daily Mindflash invited David Kelly to host a Twitter chat to discuss his recent post, "Why People Hate Training, and How to Overcome It." Over the course of the 30-minute chat, which drew over 200 responses, questions were posed that further explored the theme of the article. In addition to Kelly's responses, participants were able to add their thoughts and resources to the conversation.

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Seven Training Sins to Avoid at all Costs

Seven Training Sins to Avoid at all CostAlmost all of us have been stuck in a training class at some point with a bad trainer. So, to help spare the world from these mind-meltingly lame training sessions, I've compiled a list of the seven worst habits bad trainers exhibit — many of which were suggested over Twitter — and offered simple and practical remedies.

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A Few Words to Live by in 2012

For the start of a new year, I thought I would draft a letter you can use with your employees — a way to challenge them to be better in all that they do in 2012. If you like it, please feel free to use it (or edit it as you wish). I find this is also a good message to share with family. Have a happy and successful New Year.

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Project Management: For Best Results, Add Training

Project managers are often thought of as the gears that keep a business moving full-steam ahead. But with the high-stakes pressure of deadlines, limited staff, and tight budgets, they need all the help they can get. One survey, conducted by PM Solutions Research provides some insight into how companies are going about training their project managers — and the positive results they are witnessing.

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