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Managing Employee Training Online

By now many organizations have moved their training departments online, tapping into the vast potential of e-learning or blended learning programs. With a virtually infinite source of training materials to draw from just a keystroke away, online learning has quickly become a must-do for companies intent on delivering a consistent message to a scattered or

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What the Demise of Draw Something Should Teach Trainers

A couple of months ago, the smartphone app/game Draw Something had been downloaded by 35 million people and was being played daily by 15 million users, making it the hottest smartphone game in the country. The company that made it, OMGPOP, was bought for $200 million by Zynga, and it seemed Draw Something was poised to overtake Angry Birds as the biggest game in the world.

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Let Employees Choose Their Own Training Materials

Lots of employees dread company education. They dread it because often we, as educators, don’t create compelling or engaging programs. Nor do we explain the reasoning behind the materials we use in those programs. Sometimes employees feel they're being force-fed management’s agenda without any apparent connection or value to their day. But in talking with 

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How Sears Home Services Trained 8,000 Techs to Smile

The difference between a great customer interaction and a bad one was, in many cases, as simple as a smile.

That's what Sears Home Services, the $2.7 billion arm of the nationwide retail chain responsible for customers' in-home installations and repairs, found after a full performance analysis of its field service technicians. In fact, the things

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#TrainChat Wrap-Up: The Skills Learning Pros Need Now

On Friday, the Daily Mindflash hosted yet another #TrainChat on Twitter, in which we posed the question: What skills do learning and development pros need now? Mindflash contributor and L&D pro Bill Cushard helped guide our discussion. Here's a recap of the discussion that followed (please excuse the Twitter-ese grammar).

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Why Learning Is The Most Valuable Element of Workplace Culture

When I start working with organizations, I like to take some time to meet with the employees. I find that listening to how they describe their own organization — its values, behaviors, and attitudes — often shows more about the company's real culture than anything the management says.

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#TrainChat Wrap-Up: Separating 'Social Learning' from 'Social Media'

On Friday, we hosted our weekly Twitter #TrainChat with Mindflash blogger and training expert David Kelly, to discuss his recent article on how "social learning" and "social media" differ, and how they can work together. We've condensed the responses into a sort of linear narrative. Please excuse any Twitter-ese grammar.

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Are Your Training Methods Outdated? Survey Says: Yes

Like a carton of milk that's past its sell date, the concept of something being "out-dated" means it's been superseded by something better, and can safely be discarded. But according to a new survey, many training managers in the U.K. may have missed this very basic point.

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Three Questions Every Workplace Trainer Should Ask

Right now I'm working on a new education program for our sales team that I call The Art of Questioning. In it, we'll be reviewing what makes a great question, how to ask one, and how to listen for and assess information based on the answers — and all of it is tailored to our organization's sales process.

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Can Doodling Actually Enhance Training? Apparently, Yes

We usually think of doodling on your legal pad during a long presentation as a way to stay sane. But it may be even more beneficial than that.

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