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How Emotional Intelligence Training Improves Business Performance

 Emotional Intelligence, also known as emotional quotient (EQ) has been a recurring theme in Corporate America and in varied professional environments for years. It’s been linked to performance and success in areas including customer retention, increased sales, leadership management, and so many other facets. A study conducted by Talent Smart, tested emotional intelligence alongside 33 other important workplace skills, and found that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58 percent of success in all types of jobs. In that same study, 90% of top performers have a higher emotional quotient and make $29,000 more annually than lower EQ counterparts.

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Supercharge Your Pipeline with Medical Sales Training

Unleashing a new sales representative into the halls of physicians’ offices without proper medical sales training is a bit like driving a Porsche without a windshield, gas pedal or a steering wheel. In both cases, the idea, in concept, makes sense; but like that funky Porsche, the results will be haphazard, misguided – and most likely, fall well short of expectations.

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More E-Learning Needed to Improve Sales Enablement Efforts

According to ASTD, companies spend $15 billion per year on sales training, an enormous number when you consider that people do not find sales training very effective. If organizations are spending this kind of money on largely ineffective training, there is a lot of value in figuring out ways to improve sales enablement efforts and provide them at a lower cost. 

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Best (and Worst) Practices in Sales Training: Q&A with Geoffrey James

What really works -- and what doesn't -- in corporate sales training? We sat down with's Geoffrey James, author of How to Say it: Business to Business Selling, for his latest insights on the state of the industry.  This is the first of two parts.

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The State of Sales Training in 2012: Top Trends and Takeaways

On December 7, 2011 ESR delivered a webinar presentation on the state of sales training (download the MP3 or PDF—free registration required). It was an hour full of valuable intelligence and insight for sales training companies and sales trainers in corporate L&D organizations. Here are some of the points I made during the event, but first, a quick review of 2011. (A look at 2012 and beyond will follow in Part 2.)

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Training Sales Reps, and the Selective Attention Challenge

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Does Sales Coaching Work?

I have never been a fan of sales coaches. Yes, sales performance is just about the most important function in any business. Yes, top performing people in any field need a coach. And yes, sales people should constantly improve their skills to stay on top of their sales game. However, my belief is that it's the sales manager's job to coach sales people, and if that is the manager's job, why is a sales coach needed? In other words, it reminds me of a Tom Peters quote, "Banking is necessary. Banks are not!"

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Tailoring Sales Training The Right Way

Sales training isn't an out-of-the-box commodity. Effective training requires customization and tweaking to fit the values, goals and ideals of a particular organization. Here's a few ways to cut and fit in the most valuable way for your organization. Republished with permission from Dave Stein.

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The Mysterious Mind of a Sales Manager

It's a perilous and sometimes chaotic world inside the mind of a sales manager. Take a journey from the "negotiation node" to the "training video ganglion" and see just what it takes to master the art of the sale.

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