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Pop Quiz! Do You Really Need Quizzes in Online Training?

Question:  Do you really need quizzes in your online training modules?
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Three Benefits of Quizzes in e-Learning

When it comes to testing, training professionals have a dilemma. "With all the focus on determining whether training helps people perform better, do we really need to include multiple choice quizzes in our e-learning? Don't multiple choice quizzes insult the intelligence of our learners who are experienced, smart, adult learners who do not want to be treated like school children? I mean, I know that we want people to learn what is in the training and testing is a way to do that. But do these quizzes really do anything for anyone?"

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Best Practices for Creating Online Tests and Quizzes

Enrich Your E-Learning and Training Courses With Brain Teasers — and Track Your Trainees’ Results

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Why eLearning Can Never Be Boring: Q&A with Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore is a recognized elearning and training expert who has helped dozens of organizations (including the U.S. Army, NATO, USPS, and Chevron) and shares her insights on her blog. In February, Moore will be presenting a two-day e-Learning Instructional Design Certificate at the Training 2012 conference in Atlanta, GA.She spoke with The Daily Mindflash about a crucial requirement for all training programs -- to never, ever, be boring.

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