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Top 5 PowerPoint Design Tips for Trainers

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It’s indispensable, it’s maddening. It’s revolutionary, it’s boring. It’s every training designer’s best friend and worst enemy — PowerPoint. Love it or hate it, PowerPoint is one of the most commonly used tools for corporate trainers. But, as is the case with any such tool, its value lies in how its used. With that in …

10 Ways to Spot a Lame Corporate PowerPoint Template

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This post first appeared on Brent Dykes’ blog, PowerPoint Ninja. If you work at a company with more than 100 people, you probably have an official corporate PowerPoint template. If you work in a company with more than 1,000 people, you probably don’t know the designer who created your presentation template. There’s a good chance that …

Three Essential Tips for New Online Training Designers

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One of the biggest challenges online training developers have is that they often have no background in online training. Online training is very different than face-to-face training, yet many classroom trainers inherit the online learning developer role simply because their organization has decided to begin offering online training. This is further complicated by the various …