• atd show

    Come See our CEO Donna Wells at #ATD2016!

    Sometimes organizations will ask a trainer to calculate the ROI of a training initiative to justify a training budget. In this case, the benefit may need to be estimated if actual data is not available. Calculating ROI can also help training and development professionals recognize areas where they can streamline…

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  • Onboarding Relationship lunch

    Building Relationships While Onboarding

    Relationships in any capacity whether as friendships, acquaintances, significant others, and, yes, even employees, is based on trust, respect, support, and authenticity. Therefore, when onboarding new employees, relationship building begins the moment the new hire interacts with Human Resources, management, and other staff and employees whether it is digitally, on…

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  • A robot standing out from the crowd, in a not so cliche and familiar way.

    It’s Time to Get Personal in eLearning

    2016 will be the year of personalization in eLearning. As eLearning becomes more and more popular, students will demand more interaction, entertainment, and personalization. Going forward, a one-size-fits-all approach will no longer be the norm. Personalization in eLearning can mean a few different things from creating personalized learning plans and…

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  • bad training slip banana

    7 Safety Training Videos That Hurt to Watch

    Looking to help promote safe behavior and reduce the risk of accidents in your workplace? Like a lot of employers, you might be inclined — perhaps required — to create safety training videos for all new hires. A word of caution, however, before you start scripting, lining up your staff…

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  • Vector e-learning app

    As a Course Creator, You Need These eLearning Tips

    Through eLearning, trainers enjoy the benefits of being able to effectively and efficiently teach trainees what they need to know. One of the key challenges with course material on your LMS is finding a way to gain the attention of your students. Below are a few resources to help you…

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  • 2016 Resolution

    Become a More Valuable Employee in 2016

    If you haven’t already come up with a work-related resolution for 2016, here’s one to consider: Become a more valuable employee. Being more valuable to your company not only helps with job security, it could put you on the path to promotions and raises. It’s a nice position to be…

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  • Cirrus-Insight

    How to Easily Train People to Use Salesforce with Cirrus Insight

    Salesforce Spotlight – Cirrus Insight Now that our we are on the Salesforce AppExchange for our Salesforce LMS, we’ve been getting acquainted with the other awesome companies on the block. We are so glad to welcome Josh Loomis from Cirrus Insight Insight to our humble blog! If you don’t know…

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  • Animation Light Bulb

    How Animation is Effective in eLearning

    For today’s post, we want to welcome a very special guest from the UK – Liz Bark, Creative Director at Optimised Learning Ltd! Animation in eLearning eLearning courses offer the opportunity to access and optimise learning for busy learners who have little time to commit, broadening their skill set or refreshing…

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  • Young tourist giving thumbs up

    Take Control of Your Personal Learning Journey

    A consistently-used criterion in the annual “best companies to work for” lists is the level of corporate investment in employee training. Yet, 81% of learners are responsible for managing their own personal development, according to a Training Zone infographic released earlier this year. There’s no real discrepancy between these two…

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  • Woman Adjusting Thermostat On Central Heating Control

    How Office Thermostat Wars Relate to Learning Preferences

    Disagreed with a co-worker over the room temperature lately? If yes, did you decide to put on (or remove) an extra layer of clothing and grin and bear it? Or did you engage in a contest of wills for ultimate thermostatic control? If you’ve dealt with ambient temperature disagreements—either passively…

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  • Optimized-Break-Free

    Breaking Free: Use Blended Learning to Transcend Both Classroom and Online Training

    Traditional classroom training or online training—which is better? A strong case can be made for either method. But a stronger case can be made for transcending this either/or choice in favor of blended learning. With the innovative digital learning technologies released every day, you can use an LMS to blend online and…

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  • Optimized-ROI

    Investing in your Personal ROI without being Self-Centered

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a “what’s in it for me” attitude. As long as, I’d argue, that attitude doesn’t end there—in pure selfishness. When it comes to looking for training for your own personal development, you’ll get more out of the knowledge and self-empowerment you gain through training…

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  • Optimized-agile

    They Say, “Be Agile”. What Does that Really Mean?

    It’s more-than-popular to talk about “Agility” in business lately. But what does “being Agile” really mean? And, if you’re not a software developer, what does it mean to “borrow concepts from Agile software development”? Let’s Get Technical: Definitions & Clarifications It’s important to note that Agile software development includes a…

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  • Portrait of a girl in the office workplace

    5 Reasons your Charity Must use eLearning

    We are very excited to have a special guest author from across the pond on blogging with us this week! Please enjoy the thoughts of Jordan Bradley, eLearning professional from the UK’s High Speed Training Limited!  Visit them for amazing online training courses on a variety of subjects. 5 Reasons your Charity…

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  • doodling-for-ideas

    Start Doodling in Class: The Value of Lo Fi Graphics in eLearning

    Going to class and taking notes go hand in hand. And often, particularly when taking notes by hand, note-taking and doodling go hand in hand. It turns out that there’s value in those doodles. So much value, in fact, that now this type of doodling has a name: “sketchnotes”. “Sketchnotes…

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