• Mindflash Online Training

    Should You Replace Classroom with Online Training?

    Online training is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. First, as organizations become more dispersed, classroom training becomes a larger challenge as employees work in offices (and at home) all over the world. Second, online training tools have become so easy to use that the effort it takes…

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  • Online Course Design – Infographic

    If you’re an experienced educator, you’re probably used to designing classroom courses. However, when you step away from the blackboard and into the world of virtual learning, you need a whole new set of tools, training software and practices to guarantee your program is a success. (click image to enlarge)

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  • ppt.jpg

    Top 5 PowerPoint Design Tips for Trainers

    It’s indispensable, it’s maddening. It’s revolutionary, it’s boring. It’s every training designer’s best friend and worst enemy — PowerPoint. Love it or hate it, PowerPoint is one of the most commonly used tools for corporate trainers. But, as is the case with any such tool, its value lies in how…

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    Can E-Learning Be Elite? One Startup Thinks So

    E-learning is, no doubt, moving closer to the education word’s mainstream. Cash-strapped public universities are moving more and more classes online, and many private schools offer entire degree and certificate programs over the Web. Late last year the state of Idaho became the first in the nation to require high…

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  • Benefits of Online Learning

    E-Learning Solutions Allow Workers to Access Training Materials from Anywhere, at Any Time Online learning, or e-learning, offers a number of advantages for people and companies looking to develop a new content program or curricula — none bigger than the ability to offer that training anywhere, anytime. That means whether…

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  • Online Training Course Development

    With powerful new tools like learning management systems, building online training courses is easy. In sounds contradictory, but the first step to developing an online course — whether it’s for general education or specific training — is to forget that it’s an online course. Technology may dictate the medium by…

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  • What is E-Learning?

    Whether it’s delivering K-12 education to children in foreign countries or compliance training to multi-national corporations, e-learning is transforming how information is distributed. In use for over than a decade, the term “e-learning” describes a range of information technologies at use in schools and corporations for education and training. In…

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    Three Essential Tips for New Online Training Designers

    One of the biggest challenges online training developers have is that they often have no background in online training. Online training is very different than face-to-face training, yet many classroom trainers inherit the online learning developer role simply because their organization has decided to begin offering online training. This is…

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    Using Evernote to Design and Deliver Training

    On Thursday, August 18, I attended the first ever Evernote Trunk Conference in San Francisco. I have been a light user since early 2010, but recently I have taken on so many projects that I have been searching for an organization system that works for me. I have heard of people…

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    Who Is The New Knowledge Worker?

    Knowledge workers have driven an estimated 70 percent of U.S. economic growth in the past 30 years, and 85 percent of the new jobs created in the past 10 years have required what are considered complex knowledge skills. But what is the difference of today’s knowledge worker compared to that of the 70s?

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