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A Must-Do Before Training Begins: Assessing Readiness

Trainers will often identify whether an individual has completed level one of a technical program before moving to level two — but just as often they fail to go back to basics of cataloging employee knowledge before training begins.  Big mistake — here's a personal tale that explains why.

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Management Training 101: Why Bosses Need to Coach, Connect, and Care

Harsh truth: More often than not, people leave their bosses, not their company.

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How Can Managers Get More Involved in Coaching Their Teams?

A: Don’t save coaching for a special event.

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Is There a Training Crisis in American Business?

When the advertising industry gathered in March for the 4As (American Association of Advertising Agencies) conference, participants probably expected a bit of networking and some chat about the state of the industry. Less expected were survey results delivered by Andrew Benett, global CEO of Havas' Arnold Worldwide.

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Learning What Matters: How to Focus on Improving Business Results

The best way for learning professionals to demonstrate their influence and get a seat at the table is to think like a CEO — or at the very least, understand the business leaders' goals and put learning programs in place to help achieve those goals. And one way to learn about what CEOs care about is to read books by CEOs.

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How to Retain Restless Gen Y Talent? Be a 'Helicopter' Employer and Offer Some Career Training (for Starters)

The prevailing stereotype to many employers is that Gen Y are a bunch of job hoppers, and therefore training them in any significant way is likely a waste of time and money. In a few months, they’ll just take those skills you worked so hard to teach them down the road to your competitors.

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Cartoon: 'Tom, we're letting you go, but we'd like you to stay on and train your replacement...'

My mom recently retired and for her last two weeks she was asked to train her replacement. I've always thought this was an odd idea. Sure, it works in theory; the employer is more or less confident that you won't be slacking off, and they get a worker who's ready to go when you leave.

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How to Retain Your Top Talent (Who Might Be Looking for the Exit)? Training Initiatives Can Be Key

As the economy regains some momentum, and hiring appears to be making a comeback, managers should keep a close eye on their most talented people  -- who might be looking to leave. According to a recent Corporate Leadership Council survey,  25 percent of "high potential" employees in 2010 reported they planned to leave their jobs within a year -- compared to just 10 percent of the same group in 2006. It also revealed that 21 percent of these highly-valued individuals consider themselves “highly disengaged” in their work.

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