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Train Your Sales Team How to Handle Rep vs. Rep Competition

Finding out a competing company's strengths and weaknesses can often be accomplished by a little Googling, but a key part of preparing to do battle in the sales world is diagnosing your competition's sales strategies and capabilities. Republished with permission from Dave Stein.

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9 Warning Signs You Need a Sales Training Overhaul

Sales representatives can find themselves in a difficult position when it comes to training. All reps need it, but an ineffective sales training class provides little more than the kind of time-suck reps can hardly afford. Here's what one should avoid when setting up training and how reps can clearly communicate to managers what they need to help them sell. Republished with permission from Dave Stein, CEO of ES Research Group.

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How to Keep Employee Training Programs From Backfiring

Training programs are usually associated with better retention, but not always. Make this mistake and see your investment walk out the door.

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Project Management: For Best Results, Add Training

Project managers are often thought of as the gears that keep a business moving full-steam ahead. But with the high-stakes pressure of deadlines, limited staff, and tight budgets, they need all the help they can get. One survey, conducted by PM Solutions Research provides some insight into how companies are going about training their project managers — and the positive results they are witnessing.

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19 Tips From an International Trainer

Tim Allchin currently consults in instructional design, advanced facilitation and Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) consultancy with a focus on Early Childhood Services. In addition, he writes a variety of other training materials for different clients. Tim returned recently from living in North East India for two years assisting a local aid and development organization to develop specific training methods within their cultural landscape. Following is an interview with Allchin & Bloomfire, a software site geared for easily sharing knowledge and the discussions that surround it.

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Google's New Sales Training Tactic: Talk-Show-Style Conference Calls

When it comes to fast-shifting product lines, Google is a powerhouse, with an ever-evolving array of offerings and new features. So how does the search megalith manage to keep its sales associates up to date with what they’re selling?

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Cartoon: 'We're all about 'no fear of failure,' but this pattern of intentionally screwing up...'

Everyone's afraid of something. Personally I'm afraid of snakes, heights, and poor writing (so you can imagine how I felt about Snakes on a Plane!). But failure has never bothered me much. In fact, I'm kind of a fan.

I worked in sales for a good while before I became a cartoonist, so I got very very used to failing early and often. The way I see it, the more you fail, you the closer you are to figuring out what works.

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Why Every Great Workplace Needs a 'Classroom' Environment

Picture this – a classroom that provides real time education, uses actual workplace events to learn from and requires on-the-spot thinking. What would you pay for your employees to be part of this kind of learning experience?

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How to Train Potential Leaders? Easy. Treat Leadership Like Any Other Skill

In my recent Mindflash post on developing leadership skills, I proposed three ideas. First, leadership is a skill set like any other. Second, it can be learned like any other. Third, not everyone wants to learn the skill of leadership despite great efforts to design effective leadership development programs. These ideas were debated in a Linkedin discussion where there were insightful exchanges about brain science, motivation and people's natural inclination to want to learn.

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Cartoon: 'We're looking to trim some budgets. What would you think of off-the-job training?'

It's been a while since I had to look for a real job. (I understand it's either done by computer and/or magical sorting hat now.) But years back when I last perused the paper looking for employment, one of my favorite phrases to see was "on the job training."

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