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How to Create Your Own Khan Academy for Training

An emerging trend in learning and development is creating short, specific tutorials that can be created quickly, posted on an internal website, and distributed to employees -- who can use them anytime, anywhere, and used as references when needed.

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History of the LMS

History of LMS (Learning Management Systems)

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What is a Learning Management System?

Learning Management Systems Allow Powerful Training Programs to be delivered on the Go

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Alternatives to Moodle

Cloud-based, Easy-to-Customize Learning Management Systems May Make More Sense for Your Organization

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Online Job Training a Central Component of $8 Billion Funding Initiative

President Obama proposed a new Community College to Career Fund Monday, which intends to provide some 2 million people with job-related training — a project that people in the e-Learning and training fields will certainly want to keep an eye on.

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Please Don't Call Your LMS an LMS

For Pete’s sake, do not call your learning management system, the “learning management system.” That is like telling your friend to call you on your “hand-held, long-range, mobile, radio-telephone device.” Too many times in organizations, I have seen that link on the intranet. It is ironic that no one calls their intranet, the “intranet.” The organization comes up with a branded name for the intranet. We should do the same for the LMS.

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