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What Storytellers Can Teach Instructional Designers

People love to hear stories and think in terms of the traditional  beginning, middle, and end structure we all associate with a classic yarn. It's a reality that many of have suggested putting to good use in a business context, from improving your presentations by making them follow the essential pattern of campfire tales, to  perfecting your personal
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How Trainers Are Holding Themselves Back

“Training needs to earn a seat at the table.”

“We need to show the ROI of training.”

“Leaders don’t understand the value of training.”

In my years as a learning and development professional, I've heard phrases like these many times — attempts to, in some way, justify the hard work training professionals do each and

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Five Must-Have Skills for Learning Professionals: An Update

The first post I wrote here was called Critical Skills Learning Professionals Need Now, back in October 2010. Since then, I've been on a quest to help people in the learning and development industry continuously learn new skills and stay current. Fueled by a personal quest to avoid professional stagnation and a desire to see our profession thrive, I've tried to write about useful, practical, and value-added ideas that learning professionals can put to use in their work today.

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Five Ways to Spice Up Employee Training Programs

Most employee training and education programs focus on just a few required, core topics: basic skills, computer systems, and keeping current on industry regulations or changes. That's fine. Fundamentals are important.

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What the Demise of Draw Something Should Teach Trainers

A couple of months ago, the smartphone app/game Draw Something had been downloaded by 35 million people and was being played daily by 15 million users, making it the hottest smartphone game in the country. The company that made it, OMGPOP, was bought for $200 million by Zynga, and it seemed Draw Something was poised to overtake Angry Birds as the biggest game in the world.

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Three Great Takeaways from ASTD 2012

When I registered for the ASTD International Conference & Expo 2012 over a month ago, I planned to write a recap post for two reasons: First, it's a chance to share what I learned so people who couldn't attend might learn something from my experience. And second, writing about what I learned forces me to reflect on the ideas and lessons I was exposed to, and really lets them sink in. Jane Hart wrote a really good article on this subject just this week.

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Nine Training Alternatives to 'Correct' and 'Incorrect'

Imagine a trainer at the front of the room responding to a participant’s comment by saying nothing more than “You’re right!” or “Incorrect.” Imagine this happening over and over again.

Even though it seems futile, this is one of the most common types of feedback we use in e-learning courses to respond to user actions

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Let Employees Choose Their Own Training Materials

Lots of employees dread company education. They dread it because often we, as educators, don’t create compelling or engaging programs. Nor do we explain the reasoning behind the materials we use in those programs. Sometimes employees feel they're being force-fed management’s agenda without any apparent connection or value to their day. But in talking with 

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#TrainChat Wrap-Up: The Skills Learning Pros Need Now

On Friday, the Daily Mindflash hosted yet another #TrainChat on Twitter, in which we posed the question: What skills do learning and development pros need now? Mindflash contributor and L&D pro Bill Cushard helped guide our discussion. Here's a recap of the discussion that followed (please excuse the Twitter-ese grammar).

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Are You Mistaking Tracking for Learning?

In learning and development, as in every area of business, it isn't simply enough to produce results. You also need to measure those results to prove you're beneficial to your organization and get recognition (and support) for your efforts. There's no doubt you need numbers, but are the numbers you're focused on actually the right

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