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How Managers Can Learn from Employees' Mistakes

An employee in my company totally blew it. The blowout was for something critical that improves how we connect with our clients – and for context – it was big. This time, it was truly his responsibility (sometimes it's management’s because we do not clearly define performance expectations, or give the required level of authority, responsibility or support).

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Five Ways to Get Started in Mobile Learning

If you ask me if mobile learning has arrived, and you ask me this week, I'll say "yes." Though, I am jaded because last week I popped in on the ELearning Guild's Mobile Learning Conference in San Jose, and have been following the conference back channel with great intent — so mobile learning is on the top of my mind. My organization is dipping its toe in the water of mobile learning, and we are experimenting with a few development tools to figure out how to design for mlearning. From what I can gather so far, there are a few things to be aware of when undertaking the project of designing mobile learning objects.

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On-Boarding For Dummies: How To Successfully Bring New Employees on Board

Employee turnover is a costly problem. And with 22% of employees leaving their jobs within the first 45 days of employment, it's all the more important to be sure that your employees are assimilated into your company with special care and ease. Of course, successful new employee training is easier said than done. Here are some on-boarding tips to help keep your employee turnover rates down, and your on-boarding success rate high.

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Cartoon: 'We're all about 'no fear of failure,' but this pattern of intentionally screwing up...'

Everyone's afraid of something. Personally I'm afraid of snakes, heights, and poor writing (so you can imagine how I felt about Snakes on a Plane!). But failure has never bothered me much. In fact, I'm kind of a fan.

I worked in sales for a good while before I became a cartoonist, so I got very very used to failing early and often. The way I see it, the more you fail, you the closer you are to figuring out what works.

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The Definition of Onboarding vs Orientation

When did new employee orientation become onboarding? I’m not sure, but the concept has taken hold to describe a more comprehensive process than sitting an employee down on day one to fill out I-9 and W-4 forms.

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Why Every Great Workplace Needs a 'Classroom' Environment

Picture this – a classroom that provides real time education, uses actual workplace events to learn from and requires on-the-spot thinking. What would you pay for your employees to be part of this kind of learning experience?

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How to Train Potential Leaders? Easy. Treat Leadership Like Any Other Skill

In my recent Mindflash post on developing leadership skills, I proposed three ideas. First, leadership is a skill set like any other. Second, it can be learned like any other. Third, not everyone wants to learn the skill of leadership despite great efforts to design effective leadership development programs. These ideas were debated in a Linkedin discussion where there were insightful exchanges about brain science, motivation and people's natural inclination to want to learn.

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Cartoon: 'We're looking to trim some budgets. What would you think of off-the-job training?'

It's been a while since I had to look for a real job. (I understand it's either done by computer and/or magical sorting hat now.) But years back when I last perused the paper looking for employment, one of my favorite phrases to see was "on the job training."

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3 Ways Managers Can Teach Without Telling

In today’s service economy, organizations need employees to constantly learn, share information, coach each other and think on their feet. The more employees know (and how to use what they know), the better they can respond and perform in a changing workplace. Helping them learn is a strategic management responsibility.

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Aggressively Recruiting Gen Y? It Could Backfire

This month about 1.7 million members of Gen Y will graduate, armed to enter the workforce with a shiny, new bachelor’s degree. Many smart companies will be angling to hook the most talented of this group, sending representatives to colleges, advertising their brand and generally promoting themselves as a great place for the best of the class of 2011 to work. But will their efforts pay off?

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