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    Has the Recession Permanently Scarred Gen Y?

    Put more than one economist in a room and chances are slim they’ll find much to agree on. However, lately there seems to be a consensus forming among economists that the economy’s trajectory is heading up. That’s great news for struggling young people. But the question still remains how they will recover…

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    Gen Y Wants its Employers to Go Green, Mostly

    The young are often perceived as crusaders for a better, cleaner, fairer way of doing business, and there is some evidence that this folk wisdom on youthful idealism is correct. A recent analysis by Pew found that the younger the person, the more likely they are to support clean energy…

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    Gen Y and the Incredible Shrinking Office

    As Boomers gradually retire and your organization hires more young workers, your office may change. The median age will drop, the average wardrobe alter and, with team-happy young people filling the cubicles, the place may be a bit chattier, but these are all relatively cosmetic shifts. Are there any more…

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  • Gen X unhappy at work

    Gen X to Gen Y: Quit Whining, We Have It Worse

    An article in New York magazine recently set off a bit of an online shouting match between 20-something Gen Yers and representatives of the smaller and less intensely examined generation a decade or so older than them. (And if that’s not complicated enough for you, the conversation spurred those caught…

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  • Best way to onboard Gen Y

    Gen Y to HR: Don’t tell us how to learn

    What is the one thing you can be sure your youngest employees straight out of school know how to do? Anecdotal horror stories suggest that sometimes their knowledge of corporate culture isn’t up to snuff. Certainly they won’t be subject matter experts on your firm’s processes and proprietary tech, and…

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  • slow networking for Gen Y

    An Alternative for Gen Y Networking-Phobics

    You’ve probably heard of slow food, maybe slow travel or even slow money, but how about slow networking? Networking is ubiquitous in the business world, but it’s still a polarizing term (not sure about this? Just Google ‘hate networking’). For some the term conjures up unpleasant images of sweaty palms,…

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  • preventing Gen Y burnout

    The Antidote to Gen Y Burnout

    It’s rough out there for recent college grads. With the group experiencing sky-high unemployment and even more rampant underemployment, those lucky few young people with a career track job are probably feeling pretty lucky. And a bit scared. That’s great for employers who are hoping to wring the most out…

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  • Gen Y and the gig economy

    Gen Y: A Driving Force Behind the Gig Economy?

    When the parents of so-called Gen Y (aka the Millennials) graduated from college or high school, they knew exactly what to do: Get a job. Their employers may have changed periodically as they climbed the proverbially career ladder, but the basic concept that adults had full-time jobs with single employers…

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    Generation Wars: Is Gen Y Anger With Boomers Fair? Useful?

    For as long as there have been generations, there have been clashes between them. After all, Aristophanes was complaining about spoiled, disrespectful children four centuries before Christ. Despite this long history of generational conflict, the current moment seems particularly rich in animosity between the old and the young — at…

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    Gen Y to Pollsters: We Love Training But Not the Traditional Kind

    On the Mindflash blog before we’ve pointed out there’s plenty of evidence for a training crisis in American business, with various experts and surveys bemoaning a “sink or swim” approach to on-boarding new employees.  But is one group in particular especially underserved by current approaches to training? Due to their…

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  • Gen Y training for future jobs

    Training Gen Y for Today's Open Jobs: Pros and Cons

    Recommendations on how to train workers for the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow differ hugely. Is focusing on current skills gaps short-sighted? Starting their careers in a recession, Gen Y has had their book learning supplemented by real-world lessons in economic uncertainty and job instability. Graduating from…

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  • Puzzles

    Want Gen Y to Learn Faster? Combine Technology and Teams

    Everyone agrees that Gen Y loves teamwork. Can technology help you put this fact to use in your training program? After a youth filled with the collaboration and interaction on everything from Facebook to World of Warcraft, Gen Y likes teamwork. Who says? The New York Times for one, which…

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