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For Maximum ROI, Focus on Training Top Employees

In his book First Break All the Rules, employee-engagement specialist Marcus Buckingham shares this alarming statistic: As many as 65 percent of employees are disengaged, and do just enough work to not get fired. Nearly two thirds of employees are merely "good enough."

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How to Make Training Fun: 4 Easy Steps

Whether you're training customers or resellers or employees...anyone for that matter. You're likely faced with the same challenge... How to make training fun! We hear it often, trainers are always talking about the need to make their training programs "fun." In one case, I was even told, "We need to make sure the participants are having fun; that's how you know they're learning."

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How to Create Your Own Khan Academy for Training

An emerging trend in learning and development is creating short, specific tutorials that can be created quickly, posted on an internal website, and distributed to employees -- who can use them anytime, anywhere, and used as references when needed.

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