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Anti Social Learning: Why We Don't Learn from Others

Watching college football this weekend, it occurred to me how great instant replay is in professional tennis. In college football and the NFL, instant replay can take so long it makes you want to change the channel. What is even worse about instant replay in the NFL is that most of the calls are still debatable. Confirming or overturning the call is subjective, based on the best judgment of the referee. But in tennis it is different. In tennis, we look at a digital video of the ball hitting the ground on the line or outside of the line. It is objective, accurate and it takes just a few seconds.

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Wag More, Bark Less

This is a bumper sticker on my car. Yes, we love dogs. Moreover, I love when people work to get along instead of engage in conflict. And, of course I have a workplace connection.

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How to Motivate Gen Y: Let Them Give Away Your Money?

How to Motivate Gen Y: Let Them Give Away Your Money?Evidence shows that, when it comes to retaining Gen Y, it’s not all down to dollars and cents. Training, a collaborative work environment and a sense of shared purpose can all motivate younger workers to stay put, not just a healthy pay check.

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How Can Managers Get More Involved in Coaching Their Teams?

A: Don’t save coaching for a special event.

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Two Great Questions to Get Your Employees Thinking

Most employees are great about showing up on time every day. Significantly fewer show up fully present — ready to make a difference with customers and the business. Many employees don’t pack their brains when they pack their lunches because many managers don’t ask their employees to think at work.

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Launching a Web Collaboration Platform? Here's How to Get Past the Naysayers

Most startups these days recognize the critical importance of collaboration tools and other Web apps that can deliver huge value to an organization at minimal cost.  But they're the exception, still, not the rule, in the wider business universe, where breakthrough apps and tools are still uncharted -- and often confusing -- territory for decision makers. What Pepperdine University launched recently for its business school holds some insights for managers and execs looking to break through tough barriers. Here's a brief look:

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How to Stay on Top of Training Demand? Know the Alternatives

As a learning and development professional, I have often struggled with the question, "how can we keep up with the constant and increasing need for learning and demand for training?" Organizations of all sizes are moving so fast, that as soon as we finish learning something new about products, customers, a change in the competitive landscape, or how to use a new software system, something new comes along to replace it. New learning is once again needed. Learning professionals scamper to come up with a way to train people on the new thing. That's life in the L&D trenches. It is to be accepted and embraced.

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