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Four Core Elements of Great Learning — and How to Avoid 'Teaching by Telling'

I recently covered an MBA class for a Ph.D colleague of mine. Though the class lesson was to cover global HR, the instructor required that at the beginning of each class, one or two teams of students present an overview of critical concepts from that week’s reading.

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How to Motivate Gen Y: Let Them Give Away Your Money?

How to Motivate Gen Y: Let Them Give Away Your Money?Evidence shows that, when it comes to retaining Gen Y, it’s not all down to dollars and cents. Training, a collaborative work environment and a sense of shared purpose can all motivate younger workers to stay put, not just a healthy pay check.

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Management Skill Coaching Vs. Training: 4 Key Questions to Help Close the Gaps

It’s not always easy to determine whether a management skill gap requires coaching or training. During the past few weeks I’ve been presented with a few situations that required review to identify the best approach.

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3 Ways Managers Can Teach Without Telling

In today’s service economy, organizations need employees to constantly learn, share information, coach each other and think on their feet. The more employees know (and how to use what they know), the better they can respond and perform in a changing workplace. Helping them learn is a strategic management responsibility.

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