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Mindflash Enhances Advanced Permissions with Group Access Controls

Mindflash has recently upgraded the Advanced Permissions feature. Last year, with the original release of Advanced Permissions for the Pro tier, there were 3 levels of permissions: Managers, Trainers, and Administrators. Customers were happy to have this added level of control over their programs but there was demand to go a step further and grant specific access over groups of people. Administrators often have a handful of people helping them distribute and track training, and the issue they run into is that these assistants, often managers, have access to view and act on all the trainees in the account instead of being limited by a specific group of people i.e limiting their view to people in just Human Resources or Sales. Administrators want to use their account to train people across departments and/or companies, which means that Managers of one company should not be seeing trainee test scores from another company, nor should they be inviting these trainees to courses. It was clear after hearing from many customers, that we needed to allow Administrators to decide which Trainees the Trainers/Managers could access and view.

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