SCORM - Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

Written by Laura Rhoads | Mar 10, 2014 5:26:54 PM

Mindflash has recently started supporting SCORM content from Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. SCORM is an often-requested feature, but as many of you know, getting it to work reliably on all players and devices is a challenge. With this information, we researched what the most popular SCORM creation tools were on the market. It became clear after talking to customers, and prospects that Articulate’s Storyline and Adobe’s Captivate products were the most popular creation tools. Both tools allow for interactive slides, branching scenarios, screen recording, and various questions types, making them some of the most versatile tools available. Mindflash then set off to figure out how we could support these standalone content packages alongside our other content options like PowerPoint, video and PDFs.

After several months of work, Mindflash now incorporates SCORM output from both Storyline and Captivate file types into our current player without losing functionality. We realized we would want to continue to provide support for our most popular files types like PowerPoint and PDF and be able to have that content work side-by-side with the new SCORM files. SCORM files will continue to have the controls they had when they were created inside Storyline and Captivate, but will also still have the player controls within Mindflash. This allows a course to include a PowerPoint file followed by an entire Storyline or Captivate presentation, with a Mindflash quiz at the end.

Articulate content example:

Not only can you integrate these SCORM files with the more common files in your course, you can also use the quiz tools provided in Storyline and Captivate. Quiz scores achieved in a Storyline or Captivate file will be sent to Mindflash to be factored into the overall course scores. Mindflash will not be able to report on the specific answers the trainees gave, but we will display the overall score in the reports.

Captivate quiz example:

The impact of this new feature offering will be a huge enhancement for people who have been waiting to use these files types and it will open up more possibilities for training courses in general. This also allows any courses that utilize these files types to be extremely interactive. Trainers can create files in which the information and flow of the presentation changes based on trainee actions and/or answers. Trainers can also incorporate screen capture videos that clearly show how to use a piece of software or navigate through a complicated computer program. These tools also provide an assortment of nicely designed templates that help trainers get off to a good start with their content. Allowing SCORM content from Storyline and Captivate and their tracking capabilities will help to ensure trainee progress is recorded along with their quiz scores and course duration.

We are excited to make this feature available to all our Pro tier customers. If you would like to give us your feedback please email