Save Hours a Week with the new Mindflash Enterprise Experience

Written by Randhir Vieira | Jul 21, 2016 1:35:06 AM

Over the last few years, Mindflash has continued to grow with many more companies partnering with us for their on-demand training needs. As they continued to expand their use of Mindflash to train thousands of employees, partners and customers, we noticed that we could significantly enhance the experience and are pleased to present the new Mindflash Enterprise Experience today. This is available to all customers and new trials immediately.

What are the key benefits of the Enterprise Experience?

  • Easier and persistent access to all your users and content through the left navigation bar
  • Quickly filter to just the users you want and take actions on them e.g. Remind all users who have not completed their courses
  • Smart views and settings that remember your preferences even across devices to help you be more efficient
  • Track and manage your program from your mobile device


Over the last 12 months, we invested over $5 million in research, user testing and development to bring you a new interface that is optimized for large customers just like you. They typically have thousands to tens of thousands of users and dozens to hundreds of courses. They want to focus more on creating great training and less on the administrative aspects of delivering training. In this phase, we focused on the area where we saw you spent most of your time - tracking and managing your training.


With one of our Mindflash values of “Listening to Learn”, we frequently got feedback from customers as we were designing the product in its various stages - from static concepts to interactive wireframes and prototypes. Finally, we have had over many large customers using the new Enterprise Experience on their existing data for the last few months. They have had  great things to say about it around the themes of it being even easier to use and saving them hours every week.

Key Elements


New Trainer Home

Get key information on how your program is doing with real-time graphs on the new Trainer Home. From here, you can quickly dive into the details on users, courses and series using the convenient and persistent left navigation bar.



Personalize your view

On every grid, you can click the settings cog to select just the columns you want to view. This will be your new view even when you login from a different computer. If you want to maximize the content, you can collapse the left navigation bar to reveal just the icons.



Powerful Filters

Advanced filters on users, courses, series and catalogs help you get to just the list of items you want to focus on. Easily change, reset or keep these filters as you move across items.



Bulk Actions

Once you have filtered your list down to just the trainees you want to focus on, you are just a couple of clicks away from taking actions like setting a new deadline, reminding or dropping users.




If you want, you can also extract the whole list or the filtered list of trainees to Excel for further analysis.



Trainer Photo

Don’t have a photo of yourself available? No problem, you can now take a photo in Mindflash and use it as your trainer photo.




Want to upload a few documents as handouts? Now you can drag and drop multiple items into Mindflash.

Anywhere Access through Mobile

Our customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to check the status of a trainee, change their deadline, reset them, etc. Now you can do all these actions from your mobile device and keep your training program moving forward from virtually anywhere.

A new interface can sometimes be unfamiliar, so we have a few tours in the product to help you find your feet. We hope you get to love the new Enterprise Experience as much as your colleagues have. If you have any feedback, please let us know at help@mindflash, through your Customer Support Manager (CSM) or at the bottom of every page in the product.