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2016 Employee Engagement Predictions by TINYpulse

Part of keeping employees growing in the workplace is making sure they are engaged.  That's why we love the information collected from our friends at TINYpulse, and we love when they guest post on our site!

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In the New Year, use an LMS to Promote Growth

new years babyKeeping up with the learning and development requirements of your workforce is tough, even when you’re established and have the resources available.

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Top 25 LMS Rankings on GetApp: Where does Mindflash Rank?

Each quarter, GetApp – a tool designed to aid professionals in finding and choosing the most suitable business apps for their needs – release a ranking of the top 25 Learning Management System (LMS) apps based in the cloud.

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Ring in the New Year by Making your eLearning Mobile

It’s a topic that is widely discussed and is only going to come more into focus in 2016 as the rise of mobile browsing continues.

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Holiday Report: Wearable Tecnhology in eLearning

Wearable technology has been big news in recent years, however it isn’t a completely fresh concept with some early pieces like the calculator watch dating back to the 70s! This was just the start of a technological evolution that combines technology with functionality. Although this was a genius concept and the start of what is now a huge market, the difference with wearable technology back in the 70s compared to now is that it’s not just about advance technology or great functionality, it’s about creating a work of art. Something extremely fashionable and sleek. This being why wearables are so successful now, as they are connecting with not just the tech savvy, but with the broader market. Making smart clothing, connected glasses and smart watches hit the big time in 2015.

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How to Give Your eLearning a Storytelling Structure

There are so many benefits of eLearning as a training delivery method, but as you’d expect there are of course drawbacks too. One of the myriad of challenges involved in creating eLearning content which is engaging for the end user is of course the actual delivery of your eLearning.

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Drive your Sleigh with Member Driven Learning!

The end of 2015 is upon us, and there’s only one thing on most people’s minds at the moment: The Holidays.

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How UBER Took their Online Training to the Streets

We here at Mindflash pride ourselves on our easy online training platform.

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Managing The Remote Workforce: Using eLearning to Increase Productivity

It’s a question that we’ll ponder more and more frequently in the second half of this decade:

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Mindflash Introduces the NEW Mobile Manage Users Feature

Manage Users in your Training Program on the Go!

Mindflash is excited to report that the new Manage Users page is mobile friendly!

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