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Design Tutorial, Part 1: How to Make Your Own iPad-Inspired Icons (and a Free Template!)

Following Apple's unveiling of the iPad 2 , I found myself inundated with tons of great articles and thought-provoking blog posts about the impact of the iPad on the tablet market, the growing appetite for mobile learning, and how the iPad is being used by companies to increase productivity.

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Want Training That Sticks? Make Sure It Tells a Story

So I'm giving a presentation at the California Society of Association Executives' annual conference later this month, and I want to deliver something a little different from just about all of the presentations I'm used to seeing these days —  in which a speaker simply talks through a series of slides. For starters, I want my presentation to tell a story — and put the audience in the center of that story. To help me do that, I picked up a copy of Nancy Duarte's book, Resonate. Although this is not a book review, I must say that this is a great book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to at least give their presentation a pulse.

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How To Train Yourself To Speed Read

Speed reading is big business: Hundreds of companies host training seminars and courses, offer speed reading packages (offline and on), and hold patents on speed-reading formulas. If your organization or team is looking to bolster reading speed and retention, here's an infographic that will give anyone a head start -- with some basic DIY tactics and other helpful tips and supporting data. (For a deeper dive into the process behind all this, check out our recent Mindflash infographic on how the brain retains information.) One word of caution: Take it slow your first time through!

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5 Ways to Help Trainees Retain Their Learning

If there's any kind of upside to sick time I suppose it's having some downtime to catch up on my reading.  As I convalesced from yet another illness last week, I was reminded that reading and laughter are still the best medicines. Jeff Goldman's post on Minute Bio, "Signs of Being in e-Learning Hell," was an entertaining pill to swallow — as funny as it was bitingly true.

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Tech Evangelist Robert Scoble Interviews Mindflash CEO Donna Wells

In case you missed it: Video blogger Robert Scoble interviewed  Mindflash CEO Donna Wells recently about her vision for the company, plans for the year, and new features in the pipeline. Check it out!

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Mindflash Expands Platform For Online Training and Collaboration

New Features Simplify Knowledge Sharing, Employee Learning

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Need to Motivate Your Trainees? It's All About Recognition

Today my coworker Victoria hit a milestone in her caffeine consumption: she reached the Starbucks Gold Card level, signifying her purchase of 30 beverages using her Starbucks card. Then she freaked out. Why? Because she misread the fine print, and thought the program had changed so she wasn't going to get her card. Quote: "I don't care about the discounts, I just want the shiny gold card with my name on it!"

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Don't Want to Be a Training Dinosaur? 3 Ways to Embrace Learning 2.0

The workplace learning space tends to split into two camps. The first camp believes that learning hasn’t changed fundamentally, only the tools and technologies used to enable learning. The second camp believes that learning has completely changed and that we must embrace a new fast-paced, social, mobile, and learning 2.0 world. In fact, the second camp would say we are being held captive as a profession by outdated tools that are just plain ineffective — tools such as ADDIE, learning objectives, instruction, and a top-down, centralized model for developing and delivering training. Although I’m squarely in the second camp, I'll admit that my first impulse when our team receives a training request is to start on a full-scale needs analysis and proceed through the process of analyzing, planning, and designing the "right and instructionally sound" program. But things are moving so fast in our business that we don’t always have the time or resources to work that way. For example, in the past few months I’ve had tight deadlines to develop an enormous amount of training, like many learning teams do. Instead of asking for more resources or prioritizing what needs to get done first, we’ve decided to embrace the changing world and attempt to suspend a lot of what we have been trained to do in our profession. A few critical lessons I’ve learned along the way:

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Two Takes on the Future of Workplace Learning

What's on the horizon for learning and development technologies over the next few years? At Brightwave’s recent Learning Technologies 2011 Exhibition, a group of trainers, training managers, and other learning and development pros offered up their best forecasts. A few highlights from live audience polling:

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Cartoon: 'Caution!! Accountant In Training'

Most of being a cartoonist is writing. Sure, being able to draw gets you noticed, but bad writing is never saved by good art.

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