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Infographic: The Evolution of HR: From HR Lady to Manager 2.0

Thousands of people in business today share the same title - 'HR Mananger.' But the similarities often end there. Here's a look at the old-school 'HR Lady Version Beta' and her 21st- century counterpart, 'HR Manager 2.0.' Which one works for your company?

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5 Learning Tactics to Keep Your Top Talent In-House

Fewer than half of all employees are satisfied with their current job -- yet 70 percent or more say they do not plan to look for another job in the near future. I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but it's safe to assume that when the economy turns around, many of those unsatisfied employees will seek work elsewhere, leaving an enormous skill and experience gap in many organizations. We all know that's bad -- so what role does learning and development play in preventing this potential exodus of talented employees?

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Cartoon: 'I thought I told you to hire the trainer from eWorld.'

training cartoonMy family and I go to the zoo often. We have two small children and it's a great family trip every couple of weeks.

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How Top-to-Bottom Re-Training Can Be Critical to the Bottom Line

While the economy still hasn't fully recovered from recession, smart employers are investing in one thing that keeps customers coming back — excellent service — even if it means re-training employees on basic skills you'd expect them to have in the first place.

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The Secret of Effective Sales Training? Simple: Simplicity

If you do any research on sales training, most of what you will find is focused on sales approaches and methods and not how people actually, like, learn selling skills. In other words, there are plenty of good — even great — sales methodologies and schools of thought, but a surprising dearth of practical, applicable training methods. Moreover, if you investigated this list of the top 20 sales training companies, you'll find they put a lot more emphasis selling their "proven" methodology, rather than on the specific techniques used to ensure your sales team actually learns and develops life-long, invaluable skills.

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Design Tutorial, Part 2: How to Create Your Own iPad-Themed e-Learning Course (+ Free Template!)

I recently shared some insights I've had on the usability of the iPad and walked you through the steps for creating your own iPad/iPhone-inspired app icons in PowerPoint.  This post is all about applying the icons and an iPad theme to your online training course.

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Do You Want Super-Engaged Trainees? Use Online 'Helpers' That Look (and Talk) Like Them

It's why birds of a feather flock together -- and why people are more likely to bond with others who match their physical appearance. We tend to trust people who look like us. A new study takes a look at this phenomenon in online training -- suggesting that electronic "helpers" and avatars common in many training courses best look, talk (and dress) like a composite version of your training audience.avatar

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Adding and Tracking Trainees on Mindflash

Adding Trainees to your Mindflash Course

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Infographic: How To Recruit Top Talent Through Social Media

Social media may not be the be-all, end-all when it comes to finding the ideal employees to work for your business. But when used properly, it can save time and money when you're on the hunt. So, if your company hasn't tapped into this valuable resource yet, it's time to get moving. Here's our latest infographic, which describes which tactics work best -- and why.

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Consider Training As a Reward, Not a Requirement


Most savvy HR managers and trainers recognize the value of training programs as something beyond a mandatory best practice -- they're a critical element of business success, and the programs themselves should be engaging, challenging, and fun.  Sharlyn Lauby at the popular HR Bartender takes the concept to an even higher plane in her recent dispatch, suggesting that managers consider offering training on a more exclusive basis — as an earned reward.

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