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eLearning: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

You are a one-person training department mostly running live, classroom training sessions. You have even started conducting live training using a virtual classroom technology, which made things a lot easier for you. But scheduling and rescheduling and rescheulding and rescheduling is a drag. The way your company is structured, you need a solution that allows people to take training on their own time. However, getting started in self-paced eLearning seems so daunting, with graphic design, animation, and even custom interactions using javascript.

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Customize Your Certificates

We’re continually enhancing Mindflash on a monthly basis! Another month has passed and we’re happy to release another exciting new feature. Several of our features in our Pro Plan fall into customer training such as hiding Mindflash branding, Course Catalogs, being able to sell courses, custom domain, and now Custom Certificates. A highly requested feature and available only on the Pro Plan, Custom Certificates are exactly what they sound like, the ability to customize certificates that are sent to your trainees after a successful completion of a course or series. Custom Certificates is for you especially if your organization’s brand is important to you.

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Research: 7 Factors That Make eLearning Successful

It is the nerd in me, but I like it when I can base decisions on evidence from research. So when I found this study, "What drives a successful eLearning? An Empirical investigation of the critical factors influencing learning satisfaction,” I thought it would be worth reading. Although this study was conducted in an academic environment, there are important lessons for any eLearning designer about what makes eLearning effective.

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Increase eLearning Retention with Storytelling

One technique that helps to make our eLearning content digestible is to break it up into bullet point lists of talking points. A bullet point list is easy to scan, and the content is easier to remember. No one wants to read large paragraphs of text during an eLearning course, right? Of course not. In fact, I have used bullet points in my eLearning courses for years because it works. 

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7 Horrible Mistakes You're Making with eLearning

We have all made mistakes in our lives, and eLearning is no different. I have certainly made mistakes in my eLearning designs. Sometimes because I didn’t know any better, and sometimes I knew better but did it anyway out of expediency. Sometimes I had a deadline. What can I say? It had to be done. Remember, the point of our eLearning designs is not to create something perfect, but to create content and experiences that help people learn something new.

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Free Resource for eLearning Designers

Over the last few years, we have seen software companies successfully adopt a freemium model that allows people to try software for free before they buy. Sometimes the free portion is in the form of a 30-day trial. In another form, you can use a limited version of a software service for free, indefinitely. This has changed the way people purchase software, and it has changed the way people get things done by allowing people to use software for free that they otherwise would not use at all.

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Three Reasons eLearning Platform is Best Choice

If you are reading this, you are likely considering how to create a deliver training and/or eLearning to a growing audience. You have either decided that classroom training will only take you so far or that you are going to start with eLearning as a means of training people in your organization. You are also likely discovering that there are many things to consider and many ways to create and delivery eLearning. 

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New Year's Resolution: Read 'Design for How People Learn'

I like to read and would generally call myself an avid reader. However there are times when I am busy with other priorities like work, family, or just plain not wanting to read. When I do resume reading, I discover books I wish I had read sooner because I realize what I had been missing. Design for How People Learn, by Julie Dirksen is one of those books. 

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Mindflash FocusAssist Now Available on Computers and iPads

In online training, one of the most challenging things for trainers is knowing whether their training courses are engaging and effective. Having great animations, videos, and quizzes doesn’t necessarily mean that a trainee is engaged into the course. As a trainer, you’ve worked long and hard on your training course hoping that your trainees are absorbing all the content. It’s even more important when your training is critical to the success of the trainee such as safety and compliance types of training.

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Mindflash Enhances Advanced Permissions with Group Access Controls

Mindflash has recently upgraded the Advanced Permissions feature. Last year, with the original release of Advanced Permissions for the Pro tier, there were 3 levels of permissions: Managers, Trainers, and Administrators. Customers were happy to have this added level of control over their programs but there was demand to go a step further and grant specific access over groups of people. Administrators often have a handful of people helping them distribute and track training, and the issue they run into is that these assistants, often managers, have access to view and act on all the trainees in the account instead of being limited by a specific group of people i.e limiting their view to people in just Human Resources or Sales. Administrators want to use their account to train people across departments and/or companies, which means that Managers of one company should not be seeing trainee test scores from another company, nor should they be inviting these trainees to courses. It was clear after hearing from many customers, that we needed to allow Administrators to decide which Trainees the Trainers/Managers could access and view.

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