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The Numbers Don’t Lie: Post-Sales-Training Reinforcement Works

While most organizations do provide initial training for their sales force, only 44% of organizations use post-training reinforcement to provide long term support for their sales teams, according to the Aberdeen group. But, how can salespeople, especially new hires, be expected to beat expectations without post-training reinforcement? That is, how can individual salespeople improve their performance quarter-over-quarter without long-term education and sales performance support that changes dynamically to meet customer demands and expectations?

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Investing in your Personal ROI without being Self-Centered

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a “what’s in it for me” attitude. As long as, I’d argue, that attitude doesn’t end there—in pure selfishness.

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They Say, “Be Agile”. What Does that Really Mean?

It’s more-than-popular to talk about “Agility” in business lately. But what does “being Agile” really mean? And, if you’re not a software developer, what does it mean to “borrow concepts from Agile software development”?

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5 Reasons your Charity Must use eLearning

We are very excited to have a special guest author from across the pond on blogging with us this week!

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Start Doodling in Class: The Value of Lo Fi Graphics in eLearning

Going to class and taking notes go hand in hand. And often, particularly when taking notes by hand, note-taking and doodling go hand in hand.

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Live Training Management and Tracking is Here!

Mindflash has just released the ability to track and manage live, in-person and virtual training courses for blended learning. This feature is available on the Pro tier. The Live Training feature allows trainers to keep track of attendance and scores from any live training in one central location. We are excited about this feature as it allows Mindflash customers to further reduce the administrative tasks related to live training.

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Why Mobile Learning Can Grab Millennials’ Attention

As learning professionals are expanding the possibilities in mLearning farther than ever before, it’s helpful to rewind and reflect on why mLearning is an excellent learning strategy for the modern workplace.

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Spearheading an Organizational Culture of Learning

Creating an organizational culture of learning is imperative.

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4 Ways to Use Professional Development to Keep Your Employees

We are very excited to have a special guest author on blogging with us this week!

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How to Make Your Online Training “Go Viral”

I’m not a marketer. I’m an educator.

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