Mindflash Introduces the NEW Mobile Manage Users Feature

Mobile_1Manage Users in your Training Program on the Go!

Mindflash is excited to report that the new Manage Users page is mobile friendly!

Everywhere you look, people are on their phones: in the car, at the park, while they shop, while they eat, and next to their beds while they sleep. You might forget your car keys when you walk out of your house (not that you will get very far) but you aren’t going to forget your phone. The increased importance of the smartphone has not been lost on Mindflash. We recognize that our customers’ smartphones are often their link to work when they are off-site, on the road, or otherwise away from their desks. It is for this reason we have recently optimized the new Manage Users page for all mobile devices, so no matter where our trainers are, they can keep their training programs running smoothly.

Last month Mindflash released an update to the Manage Users page which was met with much excitement from our customer base. This positive reaction made it clear that we should get the mobile version out and in customers’ hands as soon as possible.mobile_2

The first step was doing user testing to make sure the flows on a mobile device made sense and allowed people to complete the tasks they most often wanted to do from their phones. We had customers test out a mobile prototype on both iPhone and Android devices. More than 90% of all the tasks were completed successfully, and the ones that weren’t gave us good insight into how to adjust and improve our interface which made it into the final product. All of our participants left the testing session excited about the release of this mobile-friendly version.

Once we felt confident about the design, our engineering team worked diligently on making the design a reality. The new mobile interface is not a new app, it is the same address and account you would log into on your desktop computer, but the interface is optimized so that when you look at it on a phone or tablet you do not have to zoom in and out to use the features. The view on the phone emulates the design and user experience that is very typical of apps you probably already have on your phone.This optimized mobile view will allow trainers to complete common trainee management tasks. mobile_3They will be able to invite trainees to courses or series and then follow up by reminding, resetting, extending deadlines, and/or dropping trainees. Trainers can also pull up trainee certificates in case they need them for reference on the road.

After talking to our customers it is clear that the mobile interface is going to provide a big benefit to training programs. So many of our trainers travel on a regular basis and are not able to log into their computer all day long. We have heard multiple stories of trainers who needed to reset or remind trainees, but had to wait several hours or a few days until they were back in the office to complete these management tasks. Meanwhile, trainees had moved on; they lost interest or motivation in finishing their training or they wasted precious time waiting for a response from a trainer. It’s these types of anecdotes that inspire the Mindflash team to make training easier and we’re happy to say that our mobile Manage Users interface is a big step in that direction.


This is just the first of many steps Mindflash is taking to make the interface easier to use, not only on the desktop but also on mobile devices. We are thrilled that there has been so much positive feedback from our customer base. We strive to make training as easy as possible and when we hear from customers that our changes are making their lives easier, the Mindflash team celebrates and works even harder to keep the enhancements coming.

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