Mindflash's Updated Series Feature

Written by Laura Rhoads | Apr 29, 2013 6:42:37 PM


Mindflash has recently updated and released a more robust Series feature. We have found that many programs including new employee training, sales training, and continuing education certifications rely heavily on Series. Because of Series’ popularity we decided we wanted to improve and enhance this feature. We spent months researching what pain points Trainers experience and have come up with a solution to reduce the amount of time required to manage their courses and Trainees. This update to Series has been the farthest reaching yet, and we are excited to tell you about how these new features can help you save time as well as provide insight into what we are working on in the near future.

The Manage Tab

The first big change you will see when you visit your Series is the new interface. With the same tab structure as courses, you can easily navigate your way through creating and inviting people to your Series. The Manage Tab allows you to assign a Trainer and title to your Series, as well as choose which courses will be in the Series. This will allow the Trainees you invite to take any or all courses in the Series in the order they want. If you need Trainees to take the courses in a particular order, just check the “Enforce course sequence” box.

The Trainees Tab

The Trainee tab now includes major enhancements to Series. From this tab you will be able to see how each Trainee is progressing through the courses in the Series. You will also have the ability to drop them from the course if they were invited by accident or remind them to finish the Series if they are lagging behind. As they complete each course their expandable record will reflect their current status, until completion of the Series. Once you expand the Trainee record you can re-invite Trainees to individual courses. This lets you easily give Trainees another chance to take their course(s).

The Customize Tab

The Customize tab received the bulk of the newly added features. You now have the ability to set a passing requirement on the Series level, ensuring Trainees maintain a certain level of performance across all of their courses. Once they meet that requirement, the system can produce a Series level certificate which can override or go hand in hand with the individual course certificates. From the Customize tab you are also able to preview and add custom text to the Series Invitation, Reminder, and Completion emails. We have also added a Public Series page which allows Trainees to register themselves in the Series; the link to this page can be shared via email and/or Yammer, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The Public Series page is especially useful if you don’t want to manually invite Trainees into the system. You can include this link on your intranet, Yammer network or in the standard emails your group of Trainees receives.

The Track Tab

The last and perhaps most exciting addition to Series is the new Track tab. You are now able to see all Series course information on one page. You can get high level statistics about average scores, total number of Trainees in the Series and graphical views of progress through the courses. The Track tab also provides Trainee-level information including scores for each course. All of this data can be exported into Excel.

Latest Updates and Future Enhancements:

Over the next few months, Mindflash will continue to enhance Series with improvements and feature additions. Soon you will be able to add new Trainees directly from the Series interface. We are also planning on adding a Series Deadline feature that will allow you to set a deadline for the entire series instead of on a course-by-course basis.

As we continue to improve and enhance Series we would love to get your feedback. We value your opinion and want to make Mindflash as easy and useful to you and your training program as possible.

Note: Series and Advanced Reports are available in our Advanced and Pro plans.