Mindflash Launches a New Manage Users Page

business-human-resources-manager-people-chart-19433597Mindflash has recently released an exciting makeover of the the Manage Users page due to the growing needs of our customer base. When Mindflash launched this product in 2010 the average number of Trainees in the system was around 500. Today that number is much higher, with many accounts having tens of thousands of Trainees. This change in average program size created new and different challenges for Mindflash to solve. Mindflash has always prided itself on being easy to use; there are no setup fees and programs can get off the ground in a day. We have strived to make training fast and easy, and to ensure Trainers are able to focus on training, not maintaining a database. It’s with these core principles in mind we decided to overhaul the Manage Users page, which still works for smaller programs but scales to meet the needs of large, enterprise users.

History and Background of the New Page

The old Manage Users page was one of the most visited pages in the application, but was optimized for programs that had a few hundred Trainees. It gave a good view at the user level but did not directly allow you to take action on a single user or a group of users. This required Trainers to click from course to course, in order to perform their daily management tasks. We realized there was an opportunity to make this more efficient to enable Trainers to do more important training activities.. After observing this behavior, the Mindflash team realized the need for a more user-centric approach to completing management tasks instead of having to take action via a course or a series. Trainers also needed to be able to act on larger groups of Trainees across courses and series. It’s with this knowledge and history that Mindflash set out to build a new Manage Users page

Beta User Testing Program

Before rolling out this new page to our entire customer base, we did extensive testing including a two month Beta program.  We had 50 Beta companies, many of which came from our larger customers, some of which are Fortune 500 companies. We let them have full access to the new page and got their feedback on all the changes we made. We are proud to say that more than 85% of our beta users were “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with the changes we made and are looking forward to the future enhancements.

The New Manage Users Functionality

The new Manage Users page allows you to select a Trainee to see and act on all of their information. The new pull-out, tab design allows you to see their information, group membership, course, and series history, as well as any higher level permissions they might have.

manage users screen 1

From this pull-out, Trainers can make edits and complete management taskson any tab.  The Course and Series tabs are the most popular tabs as each shows a complete record of which training the Trainee has been enrolled in, along with useful information like Invited and Completed dates. From these tabs the Trainer has the ability to Remind, Reset, Set Deadlines, or Drop the Trainee from one or more courses or series. Trainers no longer need to jump around their portal to reset one Trainee in several courses; they can do it all from the same page. Trainers are also able to download certificates and view how long it took Trainees to complete each course. These tabs provide a substantial time savings for Trainers who are tasked with daily management activities. They allow greater insight into training, with the ability to act on that information from a centralized location.

Another new feature of the Manage Users page is a new and improved Advanced Filter, combined with the ability to take management actions on groups of people. The original search allowed you to search on Trainees, Courses/Series, and Groups. This functionality was good, but there were some gaps that made it hard to find the exact group of people you needed to work with. The Advanced Filters allow you search on the same categories as before but adds Custom Fields, User Roles, UserStates, and Course/Series statuses. These filters make it easy to find everyone who is in the “Gold” level group, who has “Supervisor” listed as their job title, and who has successfully passed the “Human Resources 101” series of training. Filtering to the correct group of Trainees is helpful for many reasons, primarily because you then have the power to take action on that group of people without having to go person by person to edit information or reset a course.manage users 2

The ability to take action on multiple people at one time is a new and very exciting feature the new Manage Users page provides. From the main grid, Trainers are provided with the ability to select multiple users and click the “Manage” button. This button opens a view where edits can be made to the group membership, custom fields, courses and/or series of the selected Trainees. A few examples of how this can be helpful:

  • A Trainer needs to add everyone who is currently in the “California” group to the “West Coast” group. They can easily search for everyone in the “California” group, select them all and then add them into the “West Coast” group.
  • Multiple managers had entered their Trainees into the system and had not used the same, streamlined job title. The Administrator wants to streamline these entries so they select the correct Trainees and then are able to make a bulk edit to that custom field entry from one page.
  • A Trainer knows that an important deadline is approaching and they want to remind all of their Trainees in several courses to complete the training. They can now search for that group, or just select everyone, and go to the bulk view for courses. From there they would be able to select the specific courses they wanted to remind the Trainees of, and then remind all the Invited and In Progress Trainees.  

Each of these examples would have taken dozens of clicks in the past, jumping from Trainee to Trainee or course to course to take action. However, with the new Manage Users page, these types of tasks are easy and efficient.

The new Manage Users page is the first step in streamlining the Mindflash product, making all of our pages more efficient and helpful.  We are very excited about and proud of the changes we have made thus far, and look forward to continuing to improve the Trainer experience, maintaining our promise of creating the easiest online training solution.

We look forward to your feedback from the “Feedback” area of the Manage Users page.

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