Mindflash Integrates with Shopify

You spend many hours putting together great courses. Have you wanted to sell your courses to your customers or partners? Selling your courses has never been easier! Now that Mindflash integrates with Shopify.com you can quickly set up a professional storefront for your courses and start selling courses today.

Mindflash’s integration with Shopify is a response to customer requests for the ability to sell their courses. Many customers are charging for their courses, but currently have to do this outside the Mindflash system, which increases their administrative tasks. Customers expressed their desire to have trainees purchase courses and automatically be placed into the correct course, without site administrators having to invite each trainee.

Knowing Mindflash customers wanted to not only to sell their courses, but also a professional way of displaying their courses, we began looking for a tool that could integrate the two.  Mindflash decided that Shopify was the best solution for our customers’ needs. Shopify.com provides its customers with a professional, customizable, and easy to use interface. Mindflash customers can easily sign up for a Shopify account, choosing how to get paid and customizing their own storefront website. Once set up with a Shopify account, Mindflash customers can easily integrate with Shopify from the Manage Account page in their Mindflash account. From the Mindflash site, customers can choose which courses and/or series they want to list in Shopify and set a price for each.  Once the courses and/or series are in Shopify, customers can customize the listings using all the tools Shopify provides.

Mindflash’s integration with Shopify makes selling courses and/or series easy and seamless. Administrators no longer need to pay constant attention to who is purchasing courses and making sure to invite them in the Mindflash system. Using the Shopify integration, trainees can purchase a course or series and automatically receive an invitation email that will grant them access into the purchased course or series. This integration also limits the need for customers to have team members who know how to build websites. Shopify provides an attractive interface that supports customization, without Administrators needing to have technical skills, allowing administrators and trainers time to focus on more important aspects of their training program.

Shopify storefront example:

Besides a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, Shopify also provides important functionality like abandoned shopping cart recovery, discount codes and a coupon engine. Learn more at Shopify.

Mindflash is excited about this new integration and we hope it will help our customers reach more people and generate revenue from their online training programs.

If you have questions or feedback about this new feature please contact us at feedback@mindflash.com.

For details on how to set up your Mindflash and Shopify store, please read our help article.

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