Mindflash Enhances Advanced Permissions with Group Access Controls

Mindflash has recently upgraded the Advanced Permissions feature. Last year, with the original release of Advanced Permissions for the Pro tier, there were 3 levels of permissions: Managers, Trainers, and Administrators. Customers were happy to have this added level of control over their programs but there was demand to go a step further and grant specific access over groups of people. Administrators often have a handful of people helping them distribute and track training, and the issue they run into is that these assistants, often managers, have access to view and act on all the trainees in the account instead of being limited by a specific group of people i.e limiting their view to people in just Human Resources or Sales. Administrators want to use their account to train people across departments and/or companies, which means that Managers of one company should not be seeing trainee test scores from another company, nor should they be inviting these trainees to courses. It was clear after hearing from many customers, that we needed to allow Administrators to decide which Trainees the Trainers/Managers could access and view.

With our most recent update to Advanced Permissions, Administrators on the Pro tier can dictate which Trainee groups Trainers and Managers can see and control. Administrators can continue to allow Trainers/Managers to have permission to see all Trainees, but they can also limit this control by restricting the permissions for particular groups of users. Trainer/Managers who are limited to specific groups will only be able to see Trainees in those groups. They can invite the trainees in their group(s) to courses or series, or even invite new people to courses, but existing Trainees currently not in one of their group(s) will be off-limits and invisible to them.

Administrators have a few ways of setting up these permissions. The first is upon adding a Trainer or Manager to the system. During this process they will be asked what level of permission the new user should have, and if they are given Trainer or Manager permissions, the Administrator will now have the option of specifying which groups the Trainer/Manager should be limited to.

add manager trainer

The Administrator may also want to view all of their group settings from one interface. The “Groups” page has been updated and now allows the Administrator to quickly browse through their groups making edits along the way. They can see which Trainer/Manager has permissions for each group, as well as a list of the users in each group.

trainer catalog

If the Administrator is interested in making permission changes to specific Trainers/Managers they can visit the “Manage Users” page. Clicking the Trainer/Manager name on the left will reveal the right rail, allowing the Administrator to adjust permissions directly.

trainer catalog

These new enhancements are a big win for large, decentralized programs. The Administrator no longer needs to do the day to day maintenance of inviting and tracking trainee progress, and instead can distribute those tasks to various Trainers and Managers, easily limiting their scope by giving them permissions over specific groups of users. There is no longer the fear that a Manager from Company A has access to all of Company B’s Trainee contact information, or that the Marketing department will be resetting or dropping Trainees from the Sales department’s training courses. Trainers and Managers can be easily siloed to their specific area of responsibility, lessening the weight of management for the Administrator.

With this new enhancement Mindflash continues to find ways to making the task of training easier. We welcome your feedback at feedback@mindflash.com.

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