Live Training Management and Tracking is Here!

Mindflash Online TrainingMindflash has just released the ability to track and manage live, in-person and virtual training courses for blended learning. This feature is available on the Pro tier. The Live Training feature allows trainers to keep track of attendance and scores from any live training in one central location. We are excited about this feature as it allows Mindflash customers to further reduce the administrative tasks related to live training.


After speaking to numerous customers and prospects it was clear that blended learning (online and live courses) was a popular model that worked well for many training programs. These programs were succeeding with Mindflash’s solution for online training, but the lack of ability to track their live training in the same system caused frustration. Given the numerous data points collected on various live training and blended learning programs, we were able to build and release a Live Training feature that allows programs to manage their live training alongside their online training.

Live training courses:

The new Live Training courses allow Trainers to add Trainees to a course within the LMS dashboard and manually mark the course “complete” fLMS_Live trainingor the Trainee. If the live training needs to have scores for each Trainee, the Trainer is able to turn on scoring for the course. Mindflash has many customers who train their employees in the field; whether it be live training on how to make the perfect Ben & Jerry’s milkshake, or giving a hands-on demonstration of a software product to a sales team, live training courses can help you keep track of all of your in-person training attendance and scores.

Blended Learning Programs

The new Live Training courses can be used in series, providing trainers with the opportunity to create a true blended learning program. Trainers can add prerequisite online courses to a series followed by a Live Training course, and finish the series with an online course that quizzes the trainee on their new knowledge. The trainee might be required to take the online courses before they arrive for the live training.  The trainer can check to make sure all the trainees have done the online prerequisite courses and are ready to be in the classroom.  Once the live training has taken place, the trainer can go into their Mindflash account and mark the trainees complete, which would then allow the trainee to take the final online quiz in the series.   If the live training included hands on testing, the trainer could then record all trainee scores in Mindflash.

Previously, live training had to be tracked via excel sheets or external databases. With this new feature you can get rid of extra tracking systems, streamlining the training process by putting all training data in one location, saving your company precious time.  We look forward to hearing how the Live Training feature improves your daily workflow.

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