Links Roundup: Tech Takes Center Stage

This week in Las Vegas, over 3,000 companies have gathered to show off the latest in tech innovation at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

Links RoundupThe 2 million square-foot trade show features everything tech, from computers, tablets, and smartphones to software, batteries, and accessories. And many of these new technologies present a fantastic opportunity for e-learning and online training tools to further ingrain themselves in the modern workplace.

So in the spirit of the CES, here’s a look from around the Web about how new tech is affecting mobile- and e-learning:

Learning Technology Trends to Watch in 2012: Last year gave us QR code, even more blogs, and the second iPad. What’s in store for 2012? The eLearning Coach makes her predictions.

The Revolution: The Rise of Tablets for eLearning: Consumer tablets can do things smartphones are still dreaming about. With capabilities like video conferencing, cloud access, and high-definition, there are a lot of possibilities for the use of tablets in e-learning. The Social Learning Blog makes the case for tablets.

E-learning ‘Will Be Advanced by Mobile Technologies’: Mobile devices are becoming an important part of the e-learning classroom, especially relating to colleges and universities. As mobile technology advances, so will the virtual classroom. The British Virtual College blog has its take.

Are Virtual Worlds (Still) Relevant in Education?: Once-hyped “virtual worlds” — the Second Life platform chief among them — were supposed to be the future of e-learning, especially in the world of education. Now, though, those programs are being cut from school budgets, and the very idea of "VWs" has become mostly irrelevant. It was a strange brew of forces that brought VWs to where they are now, eLearn Magazine explains.

Flash Is Dead for e-Learning: The tech world has been predicting the death of Adobe's Flash since the debut of Apple's famously non-Flash-compatible iPhone. Adobe is now switching to HTML5, most likely signaling the end of the Flash era of software, writes Tony Karrer on the eLearning Technology blog.

The Combination Impact Through Gamification and e-Learning: Who says education can’t be fun? Gamification is one of the newest trends in e-learning, playing into our natural desire for fun. Gamification brings a new and engaging option to the e-learning arena.

Image used under Creative Commons by Flickr user CCS Insight.

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