5 Learning Styles Each Trainer Must Know


Building exciting training content starts by establishing your goal and working backward. While this is a good roadmap for creating materials that help your learners reach that goal, strong learning modules need to be broad enough so that you can successfully reach all the different types of learners that you're sure to have in each of your sessions.

Only by understanding the complexities that make up each of these five types of learners will you be able to present the materials in a way that reaches them best. Because the strengths and potential weaknesses of the Lifelong Student, for example, differ from those that a Motivated Multitasker has, you need to make sure your training materials and content are presented in ways so that both can easily digest it.

Find all the information you'll need to know when you're creating training material by learning about the strengths and weaknesses of the five types of learners. Learn what you need to think about as you're creating training materials so you can easily implement this information as you go along.

 5 learning styles each trainer must know

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