Fully Engaged: Why Employee Motivation Is Key To The Success of Your Business

Employee engagement is sometimes thought of as secondary to the bottom line, but research shows that in a sense, it is the bottom line — or at least it’s the elbow grease that keeps your business running smoothly. But keeping your employees engaged is easier said than done. Let’s explore this key topic — so you can keep your business humming like a well-oiled machine.

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  1. In the hospitality industry where I’m focused, most hourly employees are trained during the first 2 weeks after their hire date, and then left alone to slowly atrophy over time. Little is done to maintain steady, constant, positive connection between the employee and the information they need to perform in a peak state. Sad.

    Employees are handed a stack of papers stapled together with notes on wine, food, and company policies, and then are expected to absorb and retain that information. This is not how most people learn. I am passionate about turning this around, and am very excited by this particular infographic and what it says about engagement. We need more tools like this in the restaurant industry!

  2. Coincidentally, I posted a case study on ways to engage employees on our blog today: http://ow.ly/4IcwV

    Engagement (and learning) are a process, and not an event. The more that managers can focus on providing a give-and-take, communicative, appreciative relationship with their employees, the more they will be rewarded by employee engagement and satisfaction.

  3. Cleo Cauwenbergh

    Hi Colin,

    I am doing the marketing & communication for a company specified in employee & customer engagement and I really like the infographic based on Gallup data. Could I use it in presentations or on a blog? Futurewise that is…

    Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

  4. Hello Pat,See what blurry vision does for you? I am so sorry for misken your guest blogger for you!Hope you are felling better!

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