Free Online Training Software for Nepal Earthquake First Responders

Written by Donna Wells | Apr 30, 2015 10:35:41 PM

We’ve been seeing the same images that you have of the devastating situation in Nepal...but we feel we’re in a unique position to help.  Since our online training platform is specifically designed to support rapid course creation, editing and distribution, we are making our product available for free to any organization involved in relief efforts in Nepal this year.

This shattering natural disaster has already taken the lives of over 5,000 people, and injured and made homeless tens of thousands more.  As the world begins a large-scale relief effort, thousands of volunteers and millions of dollars in aid will be pouring into Nepal over the coming days and weeks. Rapid, on-demand training is going to be required to ensure that these people and resources are deployed as quickly and effectively as possible.

We’re honored to serve hundreds of first responder organizations around the world including The Burlington, Ontario Fire Department, the Everett, Washington Police Department, and the 9-1-1 Center for Snohomish County. We know that fast, quality training can make the difference between life and death, and it means the world to us that we might play some small part. The fact that one of our software developers is from Patan, Nepal only makes this more important to us.

So, we’re making a straightforward offer. If you are an relief organization working to help Nepal recover from this tragedy:

  • You can use Mindflash until December 31, 2015 for free
  • You’ll have access to our fully-featured product
  • Train up to 10,000 volunteers at a time
  • We only ask that you be a new Mindflash customer

Since 85% of our trainers get their first course launched within a day and over 93% of learners complete courses they start, we’re hoping to help a significant number of organizations create a Nepal Earthquake volunteer course today. Just start a free 14 day trial.

Then email us at with the email address you used as your user name on that trial.  We’ll set you up for free service until December 31, 2015.

Donna Wells is the CEO of the leading online training platform, She was previously CMO of, the online personal finance service.