Mindflash FocusAssist Now Available on Computers and iPads

In online training, one of the most challenging things for trainers is knowing whether their training courses are engaging and effective. Having great animations, videos, and quizzes doesn’t necessarily mean that a trainee is engaged into the course. As a trainer, you’ve worked long and hard on your training course hoping that your trainees are absorbing all the content. It’s even more important when your training is critical to the success of the trainee such as safety and compliance types of training.

Being distracted and unengaged in safety and compliance training is probably not what a trainer wants to hear. People’s safety could be on the line if a trainee isn’t taking the training course seriously. That’s where Mindflash’s FocusAssist comes in. We launched FocusAssist in Beta for the iPad back in August, 2013 in attempt to find a solution to this problem. Our customers found it easy to use, unobtrusive and transparent to their training courses. A seamlessly integrated feature. After much work and requests, we’re now happy to announce that FocusAssist is now available on desktop and laptop computers with webcams.

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But FocusAssist isn’t just about ensuring engagement into a course. It’s also about duration tracking being more accurate. Duration tracking is a great way to understand how long trainees spend in a course. But are the trainees completely engaged during the entire duration of the course? FocusAssist will stop the duration tracking when the trainee is not engaged in the course, therefore making the duration accurate, and only report on the cumulative time that a trainee is engaged.

Whatever the content of training you have, FocusAssist is here to provide you the assurance that trainees are engaged in the course. We are in the process of releasing FocusAssist for computers with webcams and it should be available to all Advanced and Pro Mindflash customers within a few weeks. If you would like to have immediate access, please email beta@mindflash.com.

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