As a Course Creator, You Need These eLearning Tips

Through eLearning, trainers enjoy the benefits of being able to effectively and efficiently teach trainees what they need to know. One of the key challenges with course material on your LMS is finding a way to gain the attention of your students. Below are a few resources to help you keep learners engaged and growing.

 Resources Offered to Course Creators

There are numerous resources offered to those who are new to eLearning course creation. These tips provide people with a way to create a beneficial course that can help learners to succeed, and stay accountable for their training. This is extremely beneficial for those that are taking the course to move forward in their career.

Have a look at these links and use them to create your amazing eLearning course!

1. Use Microlearning

Make it short and sweet. When you make it right to the point, you’re able to keep their attention for longer, and also provide them with the essential information without any filler that can hold them down.

2. Use animation

When you add fun little pictures and snippets to the course, you’re keeping the audience entertained. When you add some humor into these snippets, you can also make them engage with the learning.

3. Use employee engagement surveys

Always ask for feedback from students. A platform like TINYpulse is perfect for this.  When it comes to asking about how you can better your course, you want to make sure that you know what the students think. They're the ones taking the courses, and it’s probably a good idea to consider what they think about the course.

4. Make a 100-day plan

This is key for onboarding and long term employee development.  Create a plan with milestones to encourage users to take advantage of their own responsibility to learn. When employees take responsibility for their own learning, they are better suited to retain the material that is presented in the courses.

Use these 4 resources to create amazing courses and get your staff engaged in training today!


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