Cartoon: "Bad news. The new guy got the VP training by mistake. Now he's our boss."

Cartoonist Mark Anderson shares the personal anecdote behind today's cartoon:

The last job I had before becoming a full-time cartoonist was as a salesperson at a tech company. When I arrived for my first day I was shown a computer, given a pair of headphones, and began my online training. After a few minutes it was pretty clear that I'd mistakenly been given the customer service training instead of sales, so I got up and tracked down my supervisor.

"Um, yeah, I think you gave me the wrong training thing," I said.

"What did you see?!" she blurted. "Did you see the thing about the... um... the thing where..."

"No, " I interrupted, "I think I got the customer service one instead of sales."

She immediately relaxed, exhaled approvingly and said "Oh. OK, no biggie. Just start it over and click 'Sales' instead."

I have no idea exactly what it was that she was so relieved I hadn't seen, but I still think about it occasionally, and it inspired the above cartoon.

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