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How Effective is Your Training? Focus on Measurements that Matter

I've got a real problem with my six-year old son's nightly reading log. While I understand the importance of establishing good reading habits early, reading books for the sake of filling out the log has turned what was once a nightly event worthy of joy and anticipation, into a chore. And for what? A paper trail? Even my son's first grade teacher concedes that filling out a reading log doesn't assess his reading abilities and only fulfills tracking criteria mandated by our state.

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Small Businesses: How to Get Started with E-Learning (Without Blowing Your Budget)

ASTD's Learning Circuits just published their annual survey of E-Learning Trends and, being the training geek that I am, I've taken some time to compare last year's survey with the current survey to spot trends that may impact my work and inform my interactions with clients. One of the more noteworthy changes was in the responses to question #7: What concerns does your organization have about using E-Learning? Check out 2010's chart on the left compared to 2011's chart on the right.

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How to Choose the Ideal Training-Design Tool

I'm a big proponent of "paying it forward" so a while back I gave away 3 free PowerPoint templates for use in your training projects. Recently, I got a phone call from a friend and former colleague who was excited about putting these freebies to good use...

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4 Ways to Expand Your PowerPoint Creativity

I don't know about the rest of you, but my Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator skills are circa 1998. I can muddle my way through the easy stuff, but for the most part, I'm hopelessly out of date. How did I, a self-proclaimed professional student, let my graphic design skills become obsolete? I blame it on PowerPoint.

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Managers: How To Know When You Need to Add Training

High-society events aren't my scene but when an opportunity came up recently to mingle with a group of independent business owners over free wine and hors d'œuvres, I couldn't pass up the chance to build my personal learning network (and enjoy a free lunch).  And sure enough, within a few minutes a woman tapped me on the shoulder seeking my professional advice.

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How to Transform Old Training Content into New Performance Support Tools

In a society where "there's an app for that" is synonymous with quick problem-solving, who wants to read a book or take a class to learn something new when a simple keyword search or a dedicated application will do?  This desire for self-directed, highly accessible and instantly applicable information is a defining characteristic of our convenience culture and it doesn't just vanish when we go to work. For most trainees (particularly millennials) this is an expectation -- and it means that we must embrace opportunities to replace old-school training content with new-era performance support tools.

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A 3-Part Tech Cocktail For Trouble-Free Training

Have you ever wished for a way to navigate a Website, live inside your training presentation, without having to leave PowerPoint and open up a Web browser?  Have you ever struggled to give your trainees a clear, detailed rendering of a large diagram or a form in PowerPoint -- only to resort to cropping the image and spreading it across multiple slides?  How many times have you shown up to lead a training workshop only to discover that you left your thumbdrive at home and don't have the supporting files or exhibits you need?

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3 Ways to Get Inspired for Your Biggest Training Challenges

Whenever I feel like my training efforts will never scratch the surface of the real problems, or that I'll never make headway with a project stakeholder, win over that difficult SME, or build trust with an audience full of skeptics, I find that a little perspective goes a long way in helping to renew my focus and energize my thinking.

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The Year's Most Thought-Provoking Training Blog Posts

It's that time of year again -- the onslaught of top 10 lists, wistful reflections, and flawed predictions for the year to come. Normally I try to avoid such clichés, but in support of other much-maligned but secretly cherished holiday traditions like office parties and staff potlucks, here's my contribution to the annual countdown list genre: The Year's Most Thought-Provoking Training Blog Posts.  Enjoy!

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How to Win Over Tough SMEs

From time to time, we've all had to tap into our inner Perry Mason to convince a tough Subject Matter Expert (SME) to let us try something new. Many of us can attest to the challenges of working with skeptical, change-resistant, know-it-all, or overly-involved SMEs. And in many cases, these pesky SMEs are the very people whose strangle-hold over training content has perpetuated the very problems intended to be addressed by training!

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