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Keep It Real: Strategies for Adding More Authenticity to Your Training

This post by Trina Rimmer first appeared on the Impact Instruction Group blog.  

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What the 'Draw Something' App Can Teach Training Designers

A friend of mine introduced me to "Draw Something" last month and I must admit — I'm addicted. I've always been a doodler but this app really ups the ante by challenging me to illustrate a wide array of concepts — everything from simple words like "cow" to people like "Lady Gaga" or "Madonna" — so they can be guessed by a friend who's also drawing words for you. You earn coins for correct guesses and successful rounds are celebrated.

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Are You Using a Training Design Zoom Lens?

In a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review, Rosabeth Moss Kanter discussed the importance of leaders knowing when to focus in on details and when to pull back to see the big picture. While good leaders are able to zoom in and out to help them make decisions, training designers should know how to do the same.

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Training Lessons from Seinfeld: Lesson #3 - Do the Opposite

It's easy to get stuck in a design rut whenever there's too much to do and not enough time to do it. Re-using and re-purposing design elements that have served you well in the past is one great way to enhance your efficiency, but over time, it can lead to a course library that lacks visual identity or personality.

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Training Lessons from Seinfeld: Lesson #2 – Don't Overwhelm Your Trainees

As I recently watched this classic Seinfeld episode featuring George Costanza's “morbidly obese” wallet, I immediately made a real-world training connection. Watch and see if you're reminded of anyone you work with...

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Training Lessons from Seinfeld: Lesson #1 - Embrace Your Creativity

seinfeld-mainI recently stumbled upon Bill Gammell's ebook on marketing lessons learned from Seinfeld. Because of Seinfeld's ongoing pop-culture resonance, I've been mulling over the idea of a Seinfeld-themed post for a while now - but I'd never taken the time to further conceptualize it. Thankfully Bill's ebook demonstrated not only how to make some meaningful connections between Seinfeld and the real world, but how to do so in a way that was surprising and fun. It got me thinking: Are there any meaningful training lessons to be learned from Seinfeld?

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Overcoming 3 Common Objections to Training Needs Assessment

A friend of mine recently discovered a suspicious mass and, given her family history of cancer, immediately assumed she was about to die. Convinced of the seriousness of her illness, she spent the first 10 minutes of her consultation asking the doctor about different cancer treatments - before she'd even been given a cancer diagnosis (thankfully, it was NOT cancer and she's fine). Fortunately for my friend, her doctor graciously invited her concerns and countered them with descriptions of the tests he would order before jumping to conclusions about her diagnosis and treatment.

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Design Tutorial, Part 2: How to Create Your Own iPad-Themed e-Learning Course (+ Free Template!)

I recently shared some insights I've had on the usability of the iPad and walked you through the steps for creating your own iPad/iPhone-inspired app icons in PowerPoint.  This post is all about applying the icons and an iPad theme to your online training course.

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Design Tutorial, Part 1: How to Make Your Own iPad-Inspired Icons (and a Free Template!)

Following Apple's unveiling of the iPad 2 , I found myself inundated with tons of great articles and thought-provoking blog posts about the impact of the iPad on the tablet market, the growing appetite for mobile learning, and how the iPad is being used by companies to increase productivity.

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5 Ways to Help Trainees Retain Their Learning

If there's any kind of upside to sick time I suppose it's having some downtime to catch up on my reading.  As I convalesced from yet another illness last week, I was reminded that reading and laughter are still the best medicines. Jeff Goldman's post on Minute Bio, "Signs of Being in e-Learning Hell," was an entertaining pill to swallow — as funny as it was bitingly true.

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