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Get More Context on the History of Course Completions with Completion History

Last week we released a few more features that we would like to share with you - Completion History and Training Pies.

Completion History

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Save Hours a Week with the new Mindflash Enterprise Experience

Over the last few years, Mindflash has continued to grow with many more companies partnering with us for their on-demand training needs. As they continued to expand their use of Mindflash to train thousands of employees, partners and customers, we noticed that we could significantly enhance the experience and are pleased to present the new Mindflash Enterprise Experience today. This is available to all customers and new trials immediately.

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Office 365 Gets Better with Yammer and Mindflash On Demand Learning

Microsoft recently announced that all existing Office 365 Enterprise Plans will now include Yammer Enterprise. This is great news especially for Office 365 customers.

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