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How Training Can Help Overcome the Manufacturing Skills Gap

The following article was written by Derek Singleton of The original can be seen here. Article republished with permission.

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Infographic -- Milk Money: How Employees Are Staying Fueled At Work

As an employer, it's crucial to provide your employees with the necessary fuel to keep them running at full capacity. This fuel comes in a few different forms – coffee, food, and yes, gasoline (or funds) to power their commute. A recent survey suggests that employees are spending quite a bit of their own cash to cover these costs, but would appreciate their employers' contribution as well.

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Three Essential Tips for New Online Training Designers

One of the biggest challenges online training developers have is that they often have no background in online training. Online training is very different than face-to-face training, yet many classroom trainers inherit the online learning developer role simply because their organization has decided to begin offering online training.

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New Hires Not Working Out? Try Psychometric Testing

Too often sales executives find that newly hired sales professionals do not possess the particular traits needed for the jobs they were hired to do. ES Research Group estimates that this happens 25 to 33 percent of the time, depending on the industry. In all cases, those salespeople endured or even thrived throughout a rigorous interview process, and in most, they underwent specific skills training after they began at their jobs.

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Infographic: How To Train Your Employees To Handle Your Social Media

Social media consultants can be an expensive addition to your business. But in this day and age, no company can operate without a sound social plan. Despite the swanky pitches you may receive from pros, your best social media team might actually be your current workforce. But how can you find your company's natural social media rockstars and get your entire team on board with your goals?

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Mindflash News: CEO To Sit on SXSW Women in Tech Panel

Donna Wells, the CEO of Mindflash, will be teaming up with several female CEOs and founders of tech companies next week at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive for a panel titled “Becoming a CEO: Lessons from Four Techette Leaders.”

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Recap of our Twitter Chat with David Kelly: Why People #HateTraining

On Wednesday The Daily Mindflash invited David Kelly to host a Twitter chat to discuss his recent post, "Why People Hate Training, and How to Overcome It." Over the course of the 30-minute chat, which drew over 200 responses, questions were posed that further explored the theme of the article. In addition to Kelly's responses, participants were able to add their thoughts and resources to the conversation.

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Join Us for a Twitter Chat with Contributor David Kelly Wednesday, March 7

Join Us for a Twitter Chat with Contributor David Kelly Wednesday, March 7Daily Mindflash contributor David Kelly, the director of training for Carver Federal Savings Bank and author of the blog Misadventures in Learning, will be fielding questions from readers about his most recent article, "Why People Hate Training, and How to Overcome It," via Twitter this Wednesday, March 7, beginning at 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. EST).

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Why People Hate Training, and How to Overcome It

"It's not that people don't like what you do; it's just that nobody likes training. Nobody. You do an excellent job, but still... people hate training."

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What We Mean When We Say 'Sales Training'

When Shakespeare famously penned, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” it’s clear that he didn’t live in the age of Google searches and brand positioning. Today, he might still have found success as a writer, but his florist business would probably go nowhere.

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